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Thread: If my pool water smells does that mean someone just peed?

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    If my pool water smells does that mean someone just peed?

    My pool water generally has no chlorine smell. When you come out your skin doesnt smell.

    I worked late while my wife had people over including some kids. When I got into the water after people had been in the pool for a few hours, I could smell the CC smell. After awhile it went away. Was this smell probably due to kids peeing in the pool?
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    Re: If my pool water smells does that mean someone just peed

    WOW!!!!!!!!! I have never had this issue.....but the smell was most likely chloramines, did you test your water when you noticed the smell?
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    Re: If my pool water smells does that mean someone just peed

    The smell you are referring to are attributed to higher than normal CC's which are created in the process of sanitizing a pool. Someone peeing in the pool will consume FC and lead to CC's as the organics are sanitized. Regardless of whether someone pee'd in the pool, a higher bather load will always increase the chlorine demand. To mitigate the risk of having FC drop below the recommended range due to high bather load, I always increase the FC dose to the high point of the target range prior to and after a pool party. The night after a pool party, I do an Overnight FC Loss Test.

    Even though the smell has dissipated, I would test FC and CC.
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    Re: If my pool water smells does that mean someone just peed

    That would be plausible, especially since kids were involved. Ammonia quickly reacts with chlorine, so it's very common to have CC's because of that reaction. If there were a lot of bodies in the pool it could be just from the amount of sweat generated.
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