We just had our pool replastered with gray. Looked great upon filling. Filled it on tuesday, had the start up pool guy come out on Tuesday night. He added some stabilizer, calcium and brushed it. On Wednesday it was brushed four times. pool guy came out and checked everything. Not sure what he added to it at that time except more calcium. On Thursday the pool was brushed in the morning at 7 and again at 1. When the pool guy came out at 430 it was green. We back washed the sand filter at that time and it was dirty. He checked the filter and thought it was pulling fine. He shocked on thursday and it looked a lil better on Friday but still green. Brushed several times on friday back washed filter twice and was very dirty. On Friday afternoon when the pool guy came out he added acid and chlorine again. Checked filter. Pressure gage was not working. Put on new gauge and when it is on the pool, pressure is 12 and not a lot of water pushing out into pool. When switched over to cabo shelf pressure is at 18. There are only two jets in cabo shelf and several in pool so unsure if that makes a difference with the pressure back into the pool. My concern is that he says 1) he has never seen this happen and 2) that shocking it when it is so new will affect the plaster. He says it won't. How do I clear this up and will it affect the integrity of the plaster.