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Thread: New to the site just a few questions

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    New to the site just a few questions

    I have been in my house for about 5 years. The pool has been a constant source of frustration. I have a 21000 gallon pool (estimated using measurements) rectangle shape. I have a 1 year old hayward pump and sand filter.

    Currently fighting green algae. Like many it seems who come here looking for help my previous source of info was Leslies and guessing. I am moving to the BBB method. Using borax I got my PH under control last night and was able to test CYA using cheap test strips. It looked to be 100. I took my water into leslies this morning and they wanted me to raise my PH to 8 and use some green out stuff. I asked them what my CYA was and she said "its high". Im sure from using powder and Tabs.

    I bought a taylor test kit, came home and drained 50% of the pool. I'm in the process of filling it back up now. Current readings:

    PH 7.8
    TA 90 ppm
    FC - off the charts (I dumped 5 pounds of powder hypo last night in frustration)

    Ill test the rest when it gets closer to being full. I still need to get rid of the algae. Obviously my CYA being over 100 is not helping. One thing I dont understand is this taylor kit has readings for FC up to 10ppm. How do you test for shocking? Do you just run the pool calculator when you have it in a testable range and know how much chlorine to add?

    Hopefully when it fills back up the CYA will be around 40-50, I have CYA to add if needed, and my chlorine can do its job. I just bought every bottle of HEB brand 8.25% bleach they had. Im going to build an aerator this weekend for PH control.

    To clear up my current green algea problem do I just keep my chlorine high and brush often?

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    Re: New to the site just a few questions


    You've been pool-stored.

    The proper test kit is one with the FAS-DPD test. Very few pool stores stock it. The FAS-DPD test can measure FC up to 50. But all is not lost - you can order just that part of a test kit here.

    There are directions for testing CYA when it's off the scale here: extended-test-kit-directions-t25081.html Sad to say, those graduations aren't equidistant, so what you think is 120 may be more like 160. Only time will tell.

    And stop pouring powders in the pool - you might be making the CYA situation worse!

    It sounds like you've read up on the shock process, so I won't go into that.

    A little inspiration:
    frog-filled-green-swamp-to-oasis-work-in-progress-t48213-20.html be sure to look at page 2
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