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Thread: more bumpy liner and soft sand questions

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    more bumpy liner and soft sand questions

    Hello everyone.

    I have a new AGP installed and filled in Nov. 07. It just got warm enough to get in the pool. I was surprised the bottom felt the way it did.

    The liner has a lot of dips in it. Like others, they are roughly the diameter of a golf ball. Some are more elongated than others.
    Also, the bottom is softer than I expected. I thought by this time the bottom would be very hard b/c it's had water in it for months. It's not soft enough to leave footprints when I walk but I can certainly make divots by pushing down with my toes. (As far as I know, I don't have any rare and strange toe strength.)

    Should the bottom have divots already? What is up with the soft sand? Is that normal?



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    Our time line was similar to yours: pool filled late in October one year, treated and closed. When we opened it the following year and were able to get in it we found dips and dents in the sand also. The bottom isn't soft like you describe but I suspect if I ground my heel into it, it would leave a dent.

    I don't know if that's normal and I don't know if it's a bad thing. There are several posts like yours on the forum so it appears to be common at any rate. I've decided not to stress out over it because there's nothing I'm going to do about it at this point - especially since I really don't know what causes it.

    Seepage or drainage from rain and snow melt? Bugs? Critters? My guess is, winter freezing and thawing is causing uneven compaction of the sand layer.

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    The bottom shouldn't be that soft! Whoever did the liner didn't compact the bottom first. On AG pools, it is customary to run a motorized compacter over the floor a few times and then trowel out the ridges. Sand has low compaction but still needs to be 'packed' before the liner is installed so that the footprints, etc don't happen. While you may experience 'critters' burrowing under the pool and causing soft spots, this sounds a little soon for that to have happened.

    The only way to truly fix it is to drain the pool and remove the liner, which is a lot of work. Then you could address the floor issues and refill the pool.

    Sorry for the bad news
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    That is a bummer. We're getting more rain tonight. I hope this doesn't contribute to the problem.



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    Re: more bumpy liner and soft sand questions

    Don't know if anyone is still active on this thread, but I am about to set up an Intex 22 x 52 ultra frame pool on Saturday. I had a company come out and dig up the sod, level the ground, lay a few inches of sand, tamp and water 3 times. When I went to take a look I walked on the sand and my foot sank a little and left a footprint (not deep). I guess I was thinking it would be harder?? Opinions?

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