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Thread: Got my TFT-100 test kit and I've been testing...

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    Got my TFT-100 test kit and I've been testing...

    Got my test kit a few weeks ago and my pool has been humming along....

    Got a few questions:
    What causes the CYA to drop (what uses it up) I had to add some about 2 weeks ago to get it back up to 40, it had dropped to about 20 from 30 where it had been. How often should I be testing the CYA since it uses a large amount of the chemicals?

    My CC is always .5 every week when I test is that OK or normal?
    I've been keeping my FC between 2-4 it has spiked up as high as 5 and fallen to 0 on occasion (short periods of time) as I work to figure out how much bleach and how often to add it.

    PH is staying between 7.3 and 7.6 this month. Right now my pH color is slightly different from the 7.5 mark, I'm not 100% sure if I am over or under 7.5 but I think under (more orange). I wish there was a test where you count drops of chemicals to get a more accurate reading.

    TA has been between 100 - 130 currently 100 based on Mondays test which is down 20 from a week ago. Correction needed?

    I was out of town last weekend so I turned my auto-chlorination system on to about 1.5, I turned it almost completely off on Monday, maybe .5 on the dial.

    Recap of Mondays results:
    FC 2
    CC .5
    pH 7.5
    TA 100
    CH 250
    CYA 40

    Yesterday I tested and got these results:

    FC - 0
    Ph - 7.4

    Water is clear and looks fine. Will check FC and PH again tonight and full test this weekend. I added some bleach last night to bring up the FC

    12x25 5300 gal, IG fiberglass, 3/4 HP Hayward Super Pump (SP2605X7) FR-50.76 GMP, Sand filter (S180T) FR-45 GMP. installed 2005, CL220 Auto Chlorine feeder, Nature 2 Express Filter(not in use), Jandy Heat Pump (AE-Ti), Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner, TF-100 Test kit with Speed Sitr

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    Re: Got my TFT-100 test kit and I've been testing...

    Back to Pool School for you! Do not let your chlorine get so low. I would suggest you get your CYA to 40-50 and then always keep your FC between 3-6 ppm.....NEVER zero.

    Splashout and rainwater recuces CYA
    Dave S.
    42k vinyl and concrete pool, 1.5hp pump, 140gpm filter
    TFTestkits , PoolMath , Pool School

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    Re: Got my TFT-100 test kit and I've been testing...

    I received my TFT-100 test kit recently, too. I really love how I have so much control over my chem levels now. I just find it hard to believe how people kept pools maintained in years past by throwing in a couple pucks of chlorine and testing pH once in a while.
    26' round AG pool, vinyl liner, 19'' diameter Waterway Sand Filter.
    Central N.J.

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