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Thread: I just installed my Aquarite goldline

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    I just installed my Aquarite goldline

    I just installed my Aquarite goldline with a t-15 cell for my 36k vinyl pool about two weeks ago from converting from standard chlorination. I was hoping that I would have less maintenance to do with a SWG as I have heard from many people that have them and as advertised but I've been fighting these past couple of weeks only to find out that the SWG (at 70%) raises the ph too quickly for the chlorine to be after adding a bunch of muriatic acid and turning the SWG off for a night, the greenish tint finally cleared and cloudiness started clearing up...But noticing algae at the bottom of the pool I turned it back on the next night at only 30% and it was shooting out that cloudy milky water while generating. I was wondering if someone figured out what the cause was or did it go away? I did add a little algaecide and clarifier the night before (and turned off the swg since it was apparently raising my ph too quickly). So I'm hoping that's what it is and will eventually go away. FC was at about 1 and PH at 7.2.

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    Re: I just installed my Aquarite goldline

    The high pH is a side effect of the Salt system. In theory the pH shouldn't go up but it does. It can go above 8.4 pretty quickly. I think your pool is a bit too large for a salt system. As a rule we don't install them on pools larger than 25,000 gallons - maybe 28,000 gallons. In 25,000 gallons on full production you will get about 1 lb of chlorine a day which is equivalent to a 1 gallon bottle of 12% liquid chlorine. You will just have to check your pH and do the acid demand test more often to keep the pH reasonable. I service about 28 salt water pools and use up acid like crazy on my route.

    Turning off the system is basically the same as not adding chlorine for a day - which will lead to algae.

    The white blow back is calcium from the cell plates - the cell reverses several times a day to help keep the plates clean. Any calcium not stuck to the plates gets shot back into the pool. Keeping the pH in range will help and I found that by adding PhoseFree to the skimmer each week also helps. The PhosFree is for Phosphates in the water but it seems to reduce the salt cell blow back. I capful a week seems to do the trick. The Pentair Warranty guy in my area told me about this trick and it seems to work.

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