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Thread: What to do after shock?

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    What to do after shock?

    I opened pool after winter (and spring) in recently bought home and shocked it using SWG. I have AquaRite T-15 (45K gal) installed on 12K pool for whatever reason (was this way), so it shocked it pretty well. I turned SWG off and backwashed the filter.

    I have color-matching Taylor kit (ordered drop kit, don't have it yet), so I don't know precise TC/FC (too high for measurement), but readings I get are:
    FC > 25 ppm
    TC > 25 ppm
    Salt 2800 ppm
    pH > 8.4
    Alk < 40
    CYA close to 0
    Hardness < 50

    My question is what to do next?
    What people do after shocking SWG pools?
    Just wait until FC goes down and then stabilize it?
    I keep cover mostly closed, should I open it for FC to go down faster?
    Should I add some chemicals to reduce FC?
    Should I add something for pH, Alk, CYA now or wait?
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    Re: What to do after shock?

    Welcome to TFP!

    Have you met the three criteria for being done shocking? There shouldn't be any FC loss overnight (you may need to guess at that one a little), the water should be clear and free of algae, and CC should be 0.5 or lower (may need to guess at that one too). If so, you let FC levels drift down to normal and continue taking care of the pool as normal.

    By the by, the PH test is useless with FC that high. Wait until the FC level is 10 or below, then test and adjust the PH as needed.

    If CYA is really zero, or close to zero, you should be losing nearly all of your chlorine each sunny day. If you maintain any chlorine through a whole day that test result is wrong. Regardless of CYA, sunlight should low the FC level fairly quickly, so there shouldn't be any need for chlorine neutralizer, just turn off the SWG and wait a day or three.

    Your TA is too low. TA should be at least 60.
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    Re: What to do after shock?

    Thank you for reply!

    My guess is I'm done shocking, I don't see any algae. Water transparency is ok, I can imagine better, but not sure, on other hand sand filter is supposed to be kinda slow. Once Taylor drop kit arrives I'll be able to do precise measurements and tell for sure. I'll post precise measurements once kit is here.

    There is not that much sun on Pacific NW for the last few days, how much FC should it loose on a cloudy day?
    12K in ground, AquaRite SWG, 1HP pump, gas heater, salt filter

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