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Thread: Question about TA

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    Question about TA

    Pentair 1 or 1.5 HP pump (new replaced in 07/2012)
    Pleatco PCC60 Cartridge for Pentair Clean and Clear Plus 240 (new, replaced in 05/2013)
    pool was built in 1960
    cleaner: Polaris 280 (don't know how old, at least couple years, working condition)

    Water test result: temperature between 65 and 90.
    FAC 0
    TAC 0.1
    CH 240
    CYA 20
    TA 180
    pH 8
    ACID 4
    PHO 0

    I believe TA is too high and free chlorine is too low based on what I learned from this site. The pool is in bright green.
    My tenant was told by Leslie pool to use "green to clean" with super shock to bring it to normal.

    According to the pool calculator, I am supposed to use Muriatic Acid to lower TA and then aerate to increase pH.

    My question is what should I really do? We use 12% liquid chlorine, 68% Cal-hypo 1lb bag, 3 Inch Chlorine Tablets (occasionally), Chlorine-Free Pool Shock, 60+ Algaecide, and First Aid Pool.

    Please help,

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    Re: Question about TA

    Your TA is a little high, but the pressing concern is the pH and the FC. You use muriatic acid to lower the pH which also lowers the TA then the pH will naturally rise but the TA will remain the same. Then when you lower the pH again it lowers the TA some more and that trend keeps on and the pH rises more slowly and at some point hopefully stops rising all together.

    Now that that's done, you're going to have to perform a complete shock process. The first thing you need is a good test kit and then read the article in Pool School on how to properly shock your pool and then come back and ask any questions you may have.
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    Re: Question about TA

    Fix the pH and start the shock process with bleach. To do it effectively, you need a proper test kit. Relying on the pool store won't cut it. One, you'll be wanting to measure FC several times a day and the pool store isn't open 24/7; Two, the results aren't trustworthy - inconsistency-in-readings-t61728.html -
    Three, the gas you'll spend driving back and worth will pay for a proper test kit. And the kit will last the season.

    Fix the TA later, after the water is sparkling and you're bored.
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    Re: Question about TA

    Welcome to TFP!

    We recommend the TF-100 test kit from

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