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Thread: Sand in the pool... Time to switch gears?

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    Sand in the pool... Time to switch gears?

    Hi everyone! So we finally got all the algae out of the pool, only to find some brown spots on the bottom again this morning. It was on the steps too so I reached in and felt it. It's sand! We have a sand filter so I read to see if other folks have had this problem... Of course they have; maybe a lateral something or a spider gasket.

    My question is: do we need to switch gears from getting the pool chemistry squared away to resolving the sand issue? Or can we continue trying to get the pool ready to swim in (which we are oh-so-eager to do) and focus on the sand later? We just bought the house in January and as far as we know the filter was installed with the pool in 2000 and the sand was replaced possibly several years ago. We have not chemically cleaned the sand, and we don't know if the previous owners cleaned it since the last sand change.

    We are first time home and pool owners so we are trying to be responsible with what we've bought, but if it won't matter to wait to deal with the sand, that means we can swim sooner.

    Thanks for your input. We are so grateful to have found this site.
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    Re: Sand in the pool... Time to switch gears?

    Most issues of "sand" in the pool are caused by some other environmental factor and not the filter. Using my pool as an example, it is not unusual for a little bit of dirt/pollen/pebbles to get washed into the pool after a good rain. When this happens, this debris is usually deposited in the same areas. I would first rule out any possible environmental factors before proceeding to the sand filter.

    If you have ruled out the above, it is possible for sand to get into the pool if the sand in the filter gets channeled or if there is a broken lateral . To remedy any channeling I would remove the top of the sand filter (make sure pump is OFF), and place a garden hose just inside the top of the filter and turn on the water. Very gently begin poking the sand everywhere with the running garden hose. Try to rinse all of the sand but be careful not to apply any significant pressure to the laterals (which are buried in the sand) with the garden hose. Any obvious debris should be removed, usually it will float to the top. You can either scoop that debris out or let it overflow out of the filter. Any clumps that have developed should be gently broken up. If, after doing this and the problem persists, then you may have a broken lateral that would need to be replaced.

    BTW, chemically cleaning the sand is rarely necessary. In fact, giving the sand filter an annual rinsing with the garden hose as described above is really about all the maintenance a sand filter needs. In addition, the sand does not need to be replaced on any sort of time table and normally should last the life of the filter.
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    Re: Sand in the pool... Time to switch gears?

    do we need to switch gears from getting the pool chemistry squared away to resolving the sand issue?
    Absolutely get your chemistry squared away first. Deal with sand after that.
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