New Member; Help, I have an older Ultra-flow system which I baby and has been working pretty well since I bought my house. A short while ago I noticed a leak at the back of the seal plate. After much sweating etc. I have replaced the motor, a square flange 1hp 56y, I have had to purchase a new seal plate, as the other was literally fused to the (very) old motor and a new shaft seal. Thel seal plate is after market, the first one I bought was warped. I spent another 80 for a second one because I had attempted to "fabricate" a fit for the first one, so it was a lost cause for a return. This one appeared to fit properly, I had just put everything back together, but had take it back apart because I cracked the black ceramic part of the new shaft seal somehow when tightening the nut on the impeller. Okay, now everything is back together, motor is quiet, running, pumping nicely, but water is coming from bottom of seal plate, not motor. I am sure it is not the seal. Be advised I am using the O-ring from the original seal plate. Could it be something as simple as that? Any advice is appreciated.