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Thread: Test Results - need help with Chlorine

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    Test Results - need help with Chlorine

    Hi all,

    We just had approx 80-90% of our water removed and refilled due to high CH and CYA. I guess we are in Pool start up mode, below are my test results and I can't seem to keep the chlorine up. If I used and understand the pool calculator, i needed to add 130-150 oz of bleach (which i did) and it raised the chlorine up to 3 or 4ppm but drops to 0 or maybe .5 in 12-24 hours. is this what i add everyday as maintenance, or is there another way to reach 2-3ppm and then maintain it? Feel i'm doing something wrong or didn't understand something along the way. Thanks for the help!

    FC 0.5
    CC 0.5
    pH 7.6
    TA - 80
    CH - 180
    CYA - 30
    Phosphates - 200

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    Re: Test Results - need help with Chlorine

    Welcome to TFP!

    Chlorine gets used up every day and needs to be replaced. With CYA around 30 you will be losing 2/3rds or more of you chlorine each sunny day, more if people are swimming.

    With CYA at 30 you want your FC level to be between 2 and 7 and never below 2. Typically that means raising it to 6 or 7 each day so that by the next day it will still be at least 2.

    You will save chlorine if your raise CYA to around 50.
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    Re: Test Results - need help with Chlorine


    Those aren't pool store results, are they???

    If those readings are correct, then Jason told you what to do. If they're not - and pool store results are not always accurate - then you could have higher CC which would indicate an impending algae outbreak.

    Have you read Pool School?
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    Re: Test Results - need help with Chlorine

    wow - so that's approx 300oz's of 6% bleach for day 1, and if it drops to approx 2ppm i would add about 200oz's moving forward. Sound right? I guess that seems like a lot of bleach and don't want to over do it like i believe i did before on Chlorine pucks/stabalizer/shock etc that raised my CYA upto 150 or so. I understand the bleach shouldn't effect the CYA, but afraid of overdoing something again

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    Re: Test Results - need help with Chlorine

    Hi Richard - thank you for the reply. Those are the results i used with a Taylor kit. I have read the pool school, doesn't mean i've retained everything but have read it and believe i'm on track. I did see the CYA-FC diagram etc, just afraid of over doing it or if there was a basic pool "start up" that's a different calculation then the pool calculator that seems to be more maintenance. Didn't realize how much bleach i would need to keep on hand.

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    Re: Test Results - need help with Chlorine

    Yea, 24K Gallons is no small amount to shock. Keep at it and let us know how it goes. Don't worry about over-doing bleach, but be careful on over-doing CYA.
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