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Thread: Frustrated and need help

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    Frustrated and need help

    I have a 33' round pool that was fabulous last year. It was crystal clear, the water was great. I did what most new pool owners do, leave it unattended over the winter. Green water, yuck. I drained and vacuumed all but about 6" of water (lost prime) Refilled the pool and finally got the water clear with shock, chlorine and clarifier. However the water still has a haze. I use a non-chlorine system except for the chlorine overload to kill all of the algae. My Ph is good 7.3, everything test Ok. I need help th get the water crystal clear again. Some suggest i use a flocculant then vacuum. Do I need to super shock it again with liquid chlorine before i use the flocculant.

    Then what is the best way to keep control. I use Pristine Blue. Last year I was using Advanced Blue. It worked great but eh pool store closed. I guess four pool stores in a medium town is too many. Some body help me. I really don't want to have to drain it again

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    Re: Frustrated and need help


    You need several things, and since you asked, I'll give you my opinions.

    You need the shock process as outlined in Pool School. This can take several days, possibly weeks, and requires a lot of patience, bleach, and...

    A proper test kit. Without it, you're working blind.

    You also should stop using that blue stuff. It contains copper which can build up and stain the pool and turn blond hair green. It also can load the pool up with stabilizer. You don't need any flocculents or clarifiers or expensive powders from the pool store.

    I suggest you settle in for a few hours of reading Pool School. Then go look at some of the threads in the algae forum. You're just in the latter stages of the same process.

    Some inspiration:
    frog-filled-green-swamp-to-oasis-work-in-progress-t48213-20.html be sure to look at page 2
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    Re: Frustrated and need help

    Last year, first year with an AGP we dosed initially with Pristine Blue ~ we quickly got away from it. It didn't sit right with me from the start, having grown up with an IGP that my family took pride in the safety of the water, the whole system rubbed me the wrong way. Anxious to get the pool up and running, we tossed it in and then I began looking into it.

    Green hair is really the least of a person's worries ~ we were able to clear that up. The safety factor concerned me. There is a lot of discussion about the fact that is doesn't sanitize. I think the copper will kill/ retard algae growth, but it won't disinfect diseases that can transmit person to person. I am not an expert in this by any means, but I know the information is out there because I did look into last year, unfortunately after the initial doses were put into the pool. After the first dose I went BBB. I don't think that Pristine Blue can be used at all in a public setting because it isn't safe. I also think (but I am not sure) they had to change their MSDS Sheets or they skirted the issue with them in some manner. Regardless how that went down I do not think any documents they can produce will say it is approved to sanitize a pool (at least in the USA). Again I am not sure about all of that I am going off memory & this mind is old all the time and tired tonight. Please read up on it. Consult the MSDS Sheets, look into it on the web and if you feel comfortable with it after that, that's great. I just wanted to post this so that you would look for additional information on it. I would hate to see someone get sick.
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    Re: Frustrated and need help

    Welcome to the forum

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    Re: Frustrated and need help

    Dittos to what Richard wrote, you need to read Pool School (link upper right corner) and get a good test kit, you don't need to rely on a pool store to maintain your pool, it's easy to do yourself.

    My own approach to pool equipment and pool maintenance is just use what works, why would I want some sort of unproven mystery concoction of chemicals when I all need are a couple of basic and pure products that I can get at the grocery store. Most times I say keep the fancy things and just give me what work.
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