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Thread: Please help! cloudy water and Pool store draining my wallet!

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    Please help! cloudy water and Pool store draining my wallet!

    Test results from yesterday: Fc 1.65, TC 1.94, CC 0.29, PH 7.2, Total Alk (input) 127 Total alk (adjusted) 85, Cal Hardness 228 Cyanuric Acid 127, I have drained the pool twice about 1/3 each time over the last two weeks. I have added numerous chemicals recommended by the pool store and I cant seem to get my pool clear. I was instructed after the above test results to shock my pool! I did this last night with 10 pounds of powder shock (63% Cal Hypo) this morning the pool is a little clearer in the shallow end but hazy, the deep end I still cant see the main drain? this has been going on for the last two weeks, When I opened my pool I had to adjust the alk because it was very low and have adjusted it according to the pool store? I still cant get it clear? Can anyone please help? Thanks
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    Re: Please help! cloudy water and Pool store draining my wal

    You've been Pool-stored.

    If you want to take charge and clear the mess and never have to go to the pool store again except to buy obscure bits of pool hardware, we can help. No quick fixes here; that's the pool store's job to make extravagant promises.

    Since you're no stranger to spending money on your pool, spend some more, but wisely for a change. Order a TF100 with the XL option. I also recommend a speedstir. You won't regret it.

    Then get yourself a large drink of some sort and settle in to study Pool School

    When that makes you feel , switch back to the forums and look for threads with lots of replies and the paperclip icon. They should inspire you some.
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    Re: Please help! cloudy water and Pool store draining my wal

    Try Pool School instead of the Pool Store! And buy a test kit as suggested to you already. You will love it AND you need it!
    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

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    Re: Please help! cloudy water and Pool store draining my wal

    Richard worded it great, to solve your problems you need to understand your problems, the keys to this is knowledge and information, knowledge you get about what chemicals do to your pool and what chemicals you need can be found in pool school, and the information you need about your pool can be found with a high quality test kit. Continuing on the pool store treadmill where they sell you one chemical to fix problem A, just so it can cause problem B, which needs expensive chemical C to clear up is no way to live.
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    Re: Please help! cloudy water and Pool store draining my wal

    Ugh, hate to hear that. I was at the pool store last weekend (to get a floatie, not for chems!) and overheard a woman come in to get help with her muddy pool which had overflowed from having 10" of rain and runoff in one night - in the same storm that turned my pool muddy. When I heard the clerk telling her she had to raise her ph to 8.0 with Soda Ash and then dump in algaecide, then do a super-floc treatment, and here, they'll help you load this all into your car. I just thought "oh no, you've been Pool Stored." Meanwhile, I was 9 days out from BBB-ing my muddy pool back into the clear and was getting a new floatie to get into the pool that night!

    I wished for a discreet business card that said "Solve your own pool problems:" which I could leave under her windshield wiper or slide across the counter to her. I did try to mention that she needed to shock her pool and let the particulate settle then vac to waste, but then the pool store guy gave me the hairy eyeball so I left it at that.

    Shootbows - highly recommend reading Pool School and getting the good test kit. It will take a while to clear your pool (and get your mind working the BBB way!) and but it will be worth it.
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