I originally posted this in 'pumping station', but probably should have started here.... I do not think it is possible to move the original post, so I am creating a new one here.

As of today, our Pentair UltraTemp 'thinks' the water temperature is 105 degress --- it is really only 75 degrees. As a result of this, the heater will not kick on at its setting of 82 degrees. Does anybody know what could cause this or how to fix it? Also, is there any way to override the UltraTemp to force it on?

Also, we have a Pentair EasyTouch in addition to our UltraTemp heater. The installer originally configured the heat pump to be controlled directly from its front panel - not from the EasyTouch. I never really cared about this --- but with out problem today, I got to thinking....

The EasyTouch sensors are working fine and are displaying the proper temperatures for both the pool water and the heat pump setting -- is there a way to force the UltraTemp to listen to the EasyTouch and force it to kick on? We have a ScreenLogic2 system --- but it was bricked during the recent update and needs to be physically replaced. So any setting adjustments that I would make need to be done directly from the UltraTemp and/or EasyTouch control panels.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

PS --- We only have a 'pool', not a spa.