Hey all. This is my first post, and it a great site. I live in South Florida and decided to do an above ground pool. My wife and I decided we are not going to be in this house long, and the above ground was the most cost effective. I bought a 24' Sharkline from discountpoolsdirect.com. I have seen many good things online about the pool. DCPD calls it the Paradise pool with the 60 year warranty.

Anyway, the pool installation seems simple, but not easy. Just have to make sure to follow the instructions. However, my biggest problem is the deck I want to build. It seems my building department wants a 140MPH wind load certification. Well the plans from deckplans.com do not have that, and I called them up and talked to the engineer. It seems they were clearly meant for up north. However, both Home Depot and Lowes sell the concrete piers. What gives? Does anyone else have any experience building a side pool deck in South Florida? I would appreciate any insight. Thanks!