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Thread: very rusty lip under the very top rail

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    very rusty lip under the very top rail

    I am thoroughly disheartened. We are working on our 6th season of a 27 round pool with a the Aqua-Trol salt water chlorine generator. Not just a basic model, better liner, better top rail system, etc. We have loved the how the salter water chlorine generator has kept our pool water. However, we have some serious rust already on the lip where the liner would attach. Big flakes and smaller strands are flaking into the water this year. Not the top-top rail. Not sure of the terminology. Called our pool place and they said we hadn't been keeping our water chemistry correct all along. We use the Salt Water Magic every month, salt correct, pH and chlorine as correct as we can. Now they are saying we are supposed to have used some type of 25 lb bucket of mineral stuff every year. That was NOT told to us when we got the pool. Basically, we were told that you check the chlorine and pH just like a regular pool and use Salt Water Magic...etc. They basically said our pool is ruined. I know there has to be a way to fix or stop or seal this rust. This is just ridiculous that we've paid this much money for a pool, which we absolutely love, to have this happening. There has to be others with this problem. Help! We love our pool!

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    Re: very rusty lip under the very top rail

    First things first. Is your pool warrantied for the use of a SWG? Did the pool place that sold you the pool also sell you the SWG and say you were good to go with that?
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    Re: very rusty lip under the very top rail

    This is the 6th summer we've had the pool. When purchased, there was no mention of an incompatibility with a SWG. In fact, they enthusiastically recommended them to extend the life of your whole pool. Doh!

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    Re: very rusty lip under the very top rail

    Rowdy1--- You are absolutely right, many many of us AG owners have the exact same problem with this rusting. (we have had our pool the same length of time and ours is falling into the pool also) I came here to hopefully find an answer to this serious problem. I have searched the net for hrs. and hrs., so far all I have found is someone mentioned checking directly with pool manufacturers. Ha! I thought I could search that and get a simple list of the main manufactures, no way, I should have known. I have 2 points to share with you.
    (ONE) With over 8 hrs. of searching, I came upon one website that actually carried the top rails, but they cost $59. to $99 each. With a 24', I have 16 tops. We can't forget, there is the huge question of which rails would be compatible with our specific pools. (TW0) This idea came from a 19 y.o....... he suggested we PAINT THEM WITH RUBBER PAINT.

    MY questions to you, WoodyP, and anyone is, Do you think this would work? Two people have told me that we wouldn't have to remove them but paint them from the inside. Well, Besides the fact that you would need a second person to keep rust or paint from entering the pool, I am wondering if that's all you really need to paint if you want to take care of the problem for now and the future. I would really like some opinions on this.
    As for as a warranty, like woody says, the co. I bought from online has closed and I don't even know the brand name or model. Must find repair solution.

    I also read that while our salt systems may speed up the rust process, it still happens without the salt system. BTW- my pool co. al;so suggested I buy the cholrinator because in not knowing what I was doing I spent way to much those first few months.

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    Re: very rusty lip under the very top rail

    Have you contacted the company that made the pool directly? I would do that if the pool store where you purchased it isn't helpful.

    If they haven't deteriorated too badly you can clean them and treat them with rust sealing paint and they should last a long time.
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    Re: very rusty lip under the very top rail

    It would help us come up with ideas if you sent in pictures of the problem areas.
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    Re: very rusty lip under the very top rail

    Coating rusted steel is more than just a matter of spraying on rubber paint. There are products that clean, neutralize and then encapsulate the rust in order to stop it, and others that convert the iron oxide (rust) into something else. The aftermarket automotive industry is your best source. There are systems available ranging from 3 step treatments to converters. Here's one product that may work for you: If you have any autobody supply shop nearby it might be worth stopping in to see what options they have.
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    Re: very rusty lip under the very top rail

    Like Bama said, contact the manufacturer. The LPS is selling you MORE stuff and this includes BS in the big pile. If the wall is covered, the manufacturer would be the one to provide the warranty. It would venture to guess, if they warrant the wall or any parts, it will just that, PARTS. You will be responsible for anything else required to use the parts and the labor to install then.

    That being said, call the factory and cut out the LPS, or use another LPS for that maker.
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