22x52uf intex currently running sys 2500 gph that came with it...bbb method..tf100 test kit

My pentair dynamo 1hp single power pump and sand dollar filter get installed on ties. I have the zodiac ranger auto vac and the hayward wide mouth tbru wall skimmer. My question is i live in az, no bugs there r no trees i come out every morning anf skim a few things off the top but my pools been up week and a half and my issue is purely blowing sand i see no bugs or leaves in my pool. That being said the only reason im putting in the thru wall skimmer is to be able to rin the auto vac thats the only reason to cut a hole in my pool. Is there a way to set it up(auto Vac) without a thru the wall skimmer? I dont even need to get a hanging skimmer if i dont need the thru wall one to run auto vac i have zero need to have any kind of skimmer.

Does anyone know if a way to run my auto vac..zodiac ranger with the pentair 1hp dynamo pump(1 speed) and sand dollar filter without a auto skimmer?