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Thread: Intex Sand Filter backing up

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    Intex Sand Filter backing up

    Hello, I just installed my new Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump - 12" Model SF10110. I don't see any leaks and everything seems to be installed correctly. I have it adapted through the bottom of the original Summer Escapes SFS600 skimmer canister. What is happening is that the water backs up in the pre-filter basket and starts to overflow for about 15 seconds and then the suction finally pulls the water into the tank and then some spills out of the pool inlet plunger and finally shoots out through the nozzle into the pool. It does this over and over wasting a ton of water every 30 seconds. Any thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks!
    Al Fox

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    Re: Intex Sand Filter backing up

    How can the basket overflow? Does it not have a lid on it?
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    Re: Intex Sand Filter backing up

    Brilliant, thanks JohnT! The lid was on the top part of the plastic leaf trap nut (ring). So I screwed it down under the ring and we're good there. Now the water is overflowing at the top of the plunger almost like it can't handle the volume of water coming out of the nozzle.

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    Re: Intex Sand Filter backing up

    Does the return have a plunger valve? Is it open? Did you bleed the air out of the line before turning on the pump? I ask because I have at one time or another forgotten to double check these things.
    Whenever I mess with the skimmer hose to the pump, or clean the pump basket, i lift the hose and work the air back up and out of the skimmer. It burbs like a baby, then it seems to be happy. I've not had it shoot stuff into the pool but didn't figure it could hurt to ask
    Angie M.
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