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Thread: Adapting 1 1/4 pool hose to Intex vacuum head

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    Adapting 1 1/4 pool hose to Intex vacuum head

    After spending an hour getting leaf litter out with the screen, I knew something had to change. I had purchased the Intex cleaning kit but am NO fan of the hose-powered vac! So, I set about adapting it to becoming a real vacuum!

    My pool has the thru-wall skimmer, and it came with a vacuum adapter plate. It is sized for 1 1/4 pool hose. I examined the vacuum head and found the pipe flange you would normally tie the gauze bag to has an ID of 1 3/4in.

    Off to the hardware store to conjure up some adapter. After a long search, I ended up in the sink drains area, where I found this 1 1/2 X 6in drain extension tube. It has the 1 3/4in OD needed to fit into the vacuum head, and an ID of just under 1 1/2. Go straight to the sink drains section, other PVC pipe fitting do not have the dimensions needed.

    I softened up the ID with some sandpaper to allow the hose to be plugged into {not over} the end of the pipe. It ends up being a very tight fit, and that combined with being under a vacuum, I dont expect in will come off accidentally. Applied some PVC pipe glue and assembled the adapter to the vac head. \


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    Re: Adapting 1 1/4 pool hose to Intex vacuum head

    Have you tried it out yet? I just posted something about what kind of vacuum I should get for a smaller intex pool. I just might try this!

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    Re: Adapting 1 1/4 pool hose to Intex vacuum head

    I just tried it out, and found it acceptable. I am going to block off the garden hose inlet with epoxy to concentrate the vacuum in the head, which should improve performance. My pump is a 1075gph pump, but I do have a 1500gph from a previous pool that I will try out as well.

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    Re: Adapting 1 1/4 pool hose to Intex vacuum head

    I did end up blocking off the hose inlet, and got the meager performance improvement I expected. I still consider the mod to be acceptable; considering the alternative of chasing bits around the pool with a screen for 30 minutes as I walk in circles to stir the stuff up, 10 minutes of slow and easy is good.

    Next up: Removing the 90 degree outlet.

    While I had the pool to myself, I gauged the water flow with the 90 deg outlet on and off. I "measured" this by placing my finger where is just touched the skimmer door with the outlet installed, then removed the outlet. As I expected, flow increased slightly and the skimmer door pulled away, which means vacuum will increase as well.

    I will also be putting the inside ring on, with a knee high stocking sleeved over it so when I clear the strainer, debris that got by the strainer wont get shot back into the pool when I clear the strainer and the filter cartridge gets cocked out of line.

    All in all, happy with the modest purchase of the pool hose and my vac head mods. Sure beats getting dizzy creating a bit of a whirlpool!

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    Re: Adapting 1 1/4 pool hose to Intex vacuum head

    You can also just wrap a few rounds of electrical tape around the end of the pool hose to build it up a bit and get a snug fit in the intex vacuum head. That's what I did and never had a problem with it.
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    Re: Adapting 1 1/4 pool hose to Intex vacuum head

    Tonight's vac with the 90 degree outlet removed and knee-high installed, not bad at all! I could see the leaf bits jumping to get into the vac head!

    I noticed the knee-high was well inflated, possibly impeding flow, so I will try a pantyhose leg instead next time.

    These Intex/Polygroup pools are a session in making do with less than optimal equipment, but I am liking this a whole lot more than the blob pool! Pool is sparkling due to the good info here, and visually clean with a bit of a brainstorm {or light drizzle!}

    Next test, improving skimmer performance by adjusting water level.

    Hypothesis: Skimmer will be more effective when the water level is in the lower third of the depth range due to drawing water from a narrower water strata...

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