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Thread: Yet another question about levelling

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    Yet another question about levelling

    Hi All,

    Have two toddlers so we bought a 12x30 metal frame Intex this year. Was planning to put on the deck, but weight is too much. We plan to take this down in a couple of months since Canadian summers are short. I have found a 12x12 area of the lawn that is level (checked with string level etc.). How critical is it that the ground under the pool be completely level. I really want a temporary solution so was hoping I could just lay down the gorilla pad on the grass (with some bumps and ridges in the grassy area) but knowing full well that all 12 metal posts will be level, would consider putting a paver under each one.

    I really don't want to cut a circle, remove the grass, level with filler/sand/rocks/concrete etc. The plan is to see if we like a pool this summer and if we do move up to an on or in ground next year. So I need some temporary solution just for one summer and am okay realizing at a minimum my grass will die, but cannot fathom having to do more than that.
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    Re: Yet another question about levelling

    Maybe it's me but my 2 toddlers would be enough incentive to do it right and make sure it didn't collapse due to skimping on the foundation of the pool which is the most important part of pool building of any size, be it a 12'x30", 24'x54" or a 20'x40' inground.

    If I were you, I'd remove the sod and prepare it the way it needs to be done. It's a very important step in pool building.
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    Re: Yet another question about levelling

    The string line isn't the most accurate method for this. A transit or laser level would be better.

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    Re: Yet another question about levelling

    Assuming the site is fairly level over 12 feet and since the pool is pretty low volume, you could set it up and see how out of level it is, then drain if it is too much and relevel. My first pool was a 12X30 ring pool...I picked a "level" spot and found I it was close enough.
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    Re: Yet another question about levelling

    I've had two Intex pools, a 15' x 36" PVC frame and an 18' x 42" Easy Set. I just eyeballed a reasonably level spot in the backyard and had no problems with them for several years. I would say that I had a difference of 2 inches from one side to the other. Because you are looking at the Intex as a trial pool, I wouldn't put too much work into it.

    There was a family with a frame Intex (don't know the size) in the neighborhood a few years ago that had to have been off by 8 inches or more from one side to the other and they used it for three years.

    An Intex, especially a smaller one, will be more forgiving than a metal wall above ground. It holds less water and the vinyl material flexes more to accommodate the pressure.

    If you do put in a permanent pool then be careful about level.
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    Re: Yet another question about levelling

    Thanks for the input, it should go without saying that safety for my little ones is a priority and at no point would they ever been anywhere near this pool by themselves or through my daily monitoring if I noticed anything that looked troublesome. At the same time, no point in spending a ton of cash for what could be something that might only last a month and then loose interest, so we will watch them and the safety of the pool closely.

    My last question would be to ensure that I use patio stones 12x12 or the likes under the metal support legs as it seems like most folks do this? It would then also allow me to ensure the frame is level and if at that point I do notice off by an inch or two to prop up that stone to level? Just to cover my bases...if the answer is yes to the stones I would most certainly not continue with the project if after setting up the metal frame that if they were off level my more than the above I would even think about adding water!
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    Re: Yet another question about levelling

    I used 3/4 treated plywood under my 18x52 Intex with no issues cut 7.5x7.5 and placed flush with the inside of the plastic foot and screwed to the outside of the plastic foot so as the pool fills and the let's move outward the leg supports move with them.......jmo.....Mike
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