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Thread: New Member Desiging Inground Pool

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    New Member Desiging Inground Pool

    Hello all, I am a new member to the website and I've spent the last several nights gathering up information. We are in the beginning stages of designing an in ground pool. I am looking for some feedback to my initial thoughts.

    We are designing this pool for use in Northeast Ohio. So investment wise, we don't want to go over board, however, we don't want to go cheap either.

    I am looking at a 38x20x38 "True-L" vinyl-liner pool with a diving board. Probably not a slide. I am thinking a depth of 8.5ft to 4ft.

    Definitely Saltwater

    Definitely a gas heater

    As for an automatic cover, we definitely want an "L" and since we do not want to see the tracks I do not believe the automatic covers will work in our situation. Has anybody seen automatic covers on an "L" with hidden tracks? I would assume this would be accomplished by somehow having 2 separate systems?

    We originally wanted stamped concrete, however, after thinking if over the past few nights I think the pavers are the direction we want to go (until last night, see next question). I am afraid with stamped concrete if we ever had a problem getting to the pool plumbing it could be an issue. Also, with the pool excavation I am not sure what type of settling and cracking could occur. We had a stamped concrete patio in our old house and in the 6-7 years we had it, the patio was amazing, however, it did get slick at times. In addition, going the paver route would also allow me to do this project in more phases. To dig up a few pavers and add on would be much easier. Thoughts?

    Has anybody had a problem with the sand mortar they use from pavers destroying their pool? We had a plumber over yesterday who has dabbled in the pool business and he warned us against pavers because of the sand getting in to the pool?

    Our backyard is heavily wooded. However, our pool would be quite a distance from the tree line. I am assuming this will lead to some additional pool cleanings after storms.

    I am looking at doing 2, possibly 3 LED lights (I have 2 little kids). I was also going to explore black lights. I have heard that black lights in pools are cool especially swimming at night. Does anybody have black lights in their pool?

    Here are our initial design renderings:

    Thanks for all the help! I truly enjoy reading all your posts.

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    Re: New Member Desiging Inground Pool

    We have a paver patio surrounding our pool and have not had a problem with sand in the pool, however, I spent two long days using a power washer blasting up weeds and dirt that had accumulated in the cracks over time. Our house was a short sale and had been neglected for a few years. I bought 3 buckets of polymeric paver sand to fill in the gaps. I haven't had a chance to spread it yet because according to the directions you need 3 days of dry weather afterward for it to set (we've had so much rain this spring). Polymeric sand has hardener in it that hardens like cement to keep out weeds. My experience with pavers is you will eventually get weeds, even with weed block.

    Is there a way to attach photos from a phone? Or do I need to upload to photobucket or something?
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    Re: New Member Desiging Inground Pool


    Welcome to TFP!

    Nice design!

    Pavers vs. Stamped Concrete: We had pavers at our old house (no pool). The biggest risks of pavers is shifting soil which could cause a slight "unevenness" (waviness) over time. Here in North Texas, much of the area has expansive clay soil which expands when wet and contracts when dry. In NE Ohio, you have freeze-thaw cycles which could cause similar expanding/contracting over time resulting in the same waviness among your pavers. The sand could get squeezed between the pavers and some could find its way into the pool but I would think that would not be too big a deal. in our current house (with pool), we have a stamped concrete patio. When we get a heavy rain, dirt/dust/pollen get washed out of the atmosphere and off the roof/patio into the pool even though we have a stamped concrete patio. Not a lot, but visible. I clean / vac it up as soon as possible. On the plus side, pavers would provide easier access to plumbing vs. stamped concrete.
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    Re: New Member Desiging Inground Pool

    Thanks guys.

    We are meeting with 2 contractors this week.

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