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Thread: Iron in water- Should I use a sequestering agent

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    Iron in water- Should I use a sequestering agent

    Had my water tested at the pool store. They told me it had iron and I need to use a metal remover. They only do a basic yes or no test I didn't get a ppm count. I had the water trucked in so I assume there isn't all that much iron. I would rather remove it than continually have to add a sequestering agent. If I shock it and it turns brown will it eventually clear up with my DE filter or will I have just screwed the water up completely? If I use the sequestering agent how often will I need to re-apply?

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    Re: Iron in water- Should I use a sequestering agent

    Have you read this:

    It is not easy to "remove" the metal from the water. The sequester just holds the metal to prevent it from staining.
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    Re: Iron in water- Should I use a sequestering agent

    I have read a LOT lately. One of the suggestions was to lower the ph and shock the pool which would take the iron out of the solution, make it solid and allow it to settle, then filter and vacuum. Which I would have no issue doing now as the pool is not open yet. The other suggestions were to have new water trucked in or continually use a sequestering agent. The issue to me about the sequestering agent is the need to continually check for iron. If I am adding chlorine and the agent is wearing off won't it just turn brown anyhow? Having new water won't do any good for me. There are only 2 companies near me that would deliver pool water to my address, and apparently the one I used had some iron in their water. I suspect the other will be the same as they probably fill up at the same source. I'm just looking to do the BBB method and use as few unneeded chemicals as possible. I am also wondering if the pool store is just feeding me a load of **** about the iron to continually sell me $16 bottles of sequestering agent.

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    Re: Iron in water- Should I use a sequestering agent

    Shocking to take the iron out of solution might work.....or it might precipitate onto you pool surfaces and then you would have iron even bigger mess.

    You can purchase your own iron test but it's pricey (55 or so) or you could ask another pool store to test. .3 ppm is the threshold....below that you should be fine.....above that you will always have to sequester.
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