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Thread: Pool Remains Green after shocking for three days

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    Pool Remains Green after shocking for three days

    Please Help.

    My pool remains a transparent green since I shocked it after doing the AA treatment (per TFP site protocol) 2 weeks ago with 5 lbs of AA. Iron stains disappeared but water immediately became cloudy ( I did add plenty of sequestrant- Natural Chemistry's Metal Free). I shocked the pool with bleach to get rid of the AA and pool then turned green. I have a blue colored pebblesheen pool plaster and I have read here at TFP that iron in the water, which is yellow, will thus make a blue pool appear green.

    I did bring the pool level up with well water when I opened the pool (for the first time- new pool last summer) and we do have high iron, but I ran most of it in through the water softener which I believe should remove most of the iron.

    We have a 485 gal spa, also filled with well water, and although we have had iron stains (which came off with "miracle pads"- probably AA), our spa water never became persistently yellow or green like our pool is now.

    In addition to the possible problem with metals, I found my FC was not staying steady. ( I detailed all of this in a recent prior post but didn't receive much response). So I have been shocking the pool with 8.25% bleach for the last 3 days per TFP protocol. Here are my numbers (TF-100 test kit):

    Last night (10 pm):

    FC 33
    CC 0.5
    CYA 50 (although a pool store this weekend tested at 100- thus I kept FC at higher shock level than results of my CYA testing with the TF-100 kit. My CYA testing has always been between 40- 50)
    CH 200
    pH 7.6

    This morning (5:30 am):

    FC 26
    CC 1.5
    It was raining this morning when I took the water sample

    I have kept the FC at 26 or higher (usually around 30) nonstop for the last three days but the pool is still green. My family is mad at me and don't think I know what I'm doing (maybe I don't but I'm trying). I realize that I am still not holding FC to less than 1 overnight loss but I am still concerned my green pool is persisting and here to stay. Is it metal in the water? If it is algae, shouldn't I see some clearing in the water after shocking for two days?

    Do I need to throw in the towel and have a pool company come in to save the day? Do I need to drain and refill the pool ( I hope not!)?

    Please help. The weekend is here and the kids would like to have a pool party but don't want to if the pool is green. It does look ugly. I am at my wit's end of what to do. Thank you in advance for any advice members may have.
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    Re: Pool Remains Green after shocking for three days

    The fact that your water is green but transparent (as opposed to green and cloudy) indicates iron in the water. Do you recall what your pH was before you began the Shock Process? Reason I ask is that pH results taken at shock FC levels are invalid. Once you complete the Shock Process, which it sounds like you still need to do (see below), and FC levels drop below 10 ppm, retest pH and adjust to between 7.2 and 7.4 and add sequestrant as needed. Both these measures should remove the color.

    Quote Originally Posted by npkr
    CYA 50 (although a pool store this weekend tested at 100- thus I kept FC at higher shock level than results of my CYA testing with the TF-100 kit. My CYA testing has always been between 40- 50)
    Since you have a good (actually the best) testing kit available to homeowners, I would trust your test results over the pool store's. Your experience of "your test vs. pool store" mirrors mine. Their CYA reading is around twice what mine is. Since you are still not holding FC to less than or equal to 1 ppm overnight combined with CC of 1.5, I would continue shocking but at an FC rate for a CYA of 50, not 100. The higher FC you have been using for a CYA of 100 could also be contributing to the greenish tint you are seeing (due to the iron in the water - not the chlorine itself).
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    Re: Pool Remains Green after shocking for three days

    I can only add that your softener will not remove the iron. A tiny amount can get left behind on your resin, but only enough to Iron foul it over time.
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