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Thread: Special low power, current limited, lights

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    Special low power, current limited, lights

    Quote Originally Posted by JasonLion
    There is also a provision in the code for special low power ,current limited, lights, but they can never be very bright and no one seems to sell them commercially. Every now and then you see these on high end commercial pools, generally as long stripes of "marker" lights.
    Jason, I need to find more info about this. Where can I find it? I'm trying to do this exact thing right now and after buying the Pool rated transformer referenced in this thread I realized it won't work and I need to come up with a completely DC solution to power these strips. (All the "pool rated transformers" only pass AC, (of course I should have realized that to begin with as transformers don't pass DC.)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Mainly I'm trying to figure out how to some up with the safest current limited DC setup that I can figure out, The strips don't need much, its just accent.
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    Re: Special low power, current limited, lights

    This is not something you want to take on unless you have a large budget and people who are extremely familiar with electrical code working on the install. If you want to pursue it, look into using listed Class 2 power supplies with ratings that don't exceed 75VA in the pool area. Many inspectors will not accept this usage, as the code interpretation is debatable, but others will allow it if you take care to fully document the system and point out the appropriate passages in the code.
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    Re: Special low power, current limited, lights

    Thanks Jason.

    I was hoping for references to the codes.

    I actually found a few ideas, turns out Its not actually that hard to hang these on the 12VAC line and get 12VDC with a proper rectifier circuit.

    The listed class 2 supply is also a possibility however I'd prefer to not have to run a separate line around the yard.

    FWIW, I'm using the SMD3528 style strips. Today I found a brand at home depot that came with the AC/DC converter to hang it on a 12VAC line. ($99 for a couple meters of course...) I use the SMD3528 strips all over the inside of my house for various lighting effects.
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