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Thread: Any suggestions how to replace leg cap of filled up pool?

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    Any suggestions how to replace leg cap of filled up pool?

    At the end of last season I posted about my Intex AGP and rust I got (yeah, ultra frame ) Intex was nice enough to send me replacement after I send them half of the pool assembly (6 legs, 6 t-joints, and 6 rail pieces). I did that including 6 plastic leg caps (it was all together). They sent me back replacement, and just last week I opened everything up to re-assemble my pool. Turned out they never sent me back my original 6 plastic leg caps. Since I was already half way done assembling the pool and my kids were all excited, I put the whole thing together using only other 6 remaining caps and some temporary foam "shoes" under the remaining 6 legs. Pool is filled up, already had a dip last weekend.

    Now, Intex is sending me back the remaining 6 caps. The big question, the whole thing is obviously way to heavy to lift it up one leg at a time to put caps on (even so I need to lift it up just a little bit). Also, as you can imagine, the belly of the filled up liner is pushing toward the legs. Does anybody have any suggestions of how to go about it? Of course I can get a few people to help me lift it up, but if I would go about doing it myself, any suggestions?
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    Re: Any suggestions how to replace leg cap of filled up pool

    Tie a pipe hitch knot around the post. Then use an old bumper jack, or a hi-lift jack if you know an avid 4-wheeler. Alternately, lift the rope end up and over a taller post set as a fulcrum and have a bunch of people play tug-o-war on it.

    Try it first on the least visble post, in case it starts to collapse the sidewall.

    Actually, if you get ahold of a highlift jack, you might be able to cushion it under the top bar and lift that way. Or borrow an engine hoist.

    Disclaimer: These are all ideas, I've never tried these myself.
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    Re: Any suggestions how to replace leg cap of filled up pool

    If it's like mine, the legs hold up the walls. What you could do is get a gardening shovel. Those hand ones. Dig a hole under those temporary shoes you put in and slide them off and put the cap on and then fill up the hole so the cap is sitting on the dirt. Do each leg at a time.

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