I am so fortunate I have found this active pool forum! We have dreamed of a pool for so long, but not thinking it would ever happen did not plan it. We have had the means to build one and are making the decisions so quickly (something we have never done). Our pool is being dug as I type. The pool builder discussed a few things with us (which I plan on doing internet research but would appreciate any input from all of your experiences.

Hot tub height. He is giving us the option of 2 or 3 feet. I would imagine three feet would make it easier to see kids in the pool. However, a friend is building and she did her hot tub at the same level as the pool so she could see the kids. Any pros or cons (or pretty just what you think looks best).

Depth. I am considering 3 1/2 to 6 1/2 feet. We have kids, so I wanted depths where little ones could stand and big ones could jump in the deep end. My mom keeps telling me the shallow end is too shallow (her shallow end is closer to 5). Her rantional is when you swim you will hit your knees. The pool builder said with the slope we might have to do 4, but he will see (pool is 32 feet long with an additional 6 feet of roman ends)

Concrete. Our pool builder likes cool deck. We met someone who is in that industry and he said he uses sun deck. Our pool builder told us that sun deck is thin and will crack more easily. I prefer stamped concrete, and was only worried about the heat. We visited a Parade of Homes with light stamped concrete and it was not hot. What I did not know is it gets slippery. PB said he could add some no slip substance, but we would have to reapply.

Finally (well for this morning!) glass tile. We went to the tile company and found a glass water line tile (not the small tiles but a 4 by 4). Stupidly, I dropped the darn tile and broke it. While cleaning I wondered, with boys doing stupid things, how easy would it be to crack a glass pool tile? My parents have had two pools and I don't ever remember a cracked tile. Just wondering if I am looking at a high maintenance tile.

I know this is a lot of questions and I would appreciate your thoughts.