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Thread: Need help with rain storm coming!

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    Need help with rain storm coming!

    So this is my 2nd year with a little pool. Last year after heavy rain my pool turned green and horrible. I want to see if I can get ahead of it this year!
    Need some help.

    Just did my full testing

    FC: 4
    CYA: 30-35
    Hardness: N/A (did for first time. Is this a problem? There was NO hardness that registered...water turned a little "creamy" with drops but no red or even brown
    TA: 130

    I was thinking of trying to add more dichlor then the calculator suggested since we won't be getting in the pool for the next 2-3 days anyways.
    It says to .4 oz of dichlor. Since my CYA has been slowly coming up......still using the dichlor. If I would add more how much more?

    Also my Ph always falls down pretty low when I add dichlor. It's where I want it but with the no sun...and lots of rain should I raise that too?

    Any help would be appreciated!
    Thanks Tanya
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    Re: Need help with rain storm coming!

    That dichlor is very acidic. Besides adding FC and CYA, it lowers pH and TA, as you have noticed. I'll bet people complain of dry skin and burning eyes.

    Yes, you need to raise TA and pH. can crunch the numbers for you. Once it does its thing, scroll down the page and plug things into Effects of Adding Chemicals. You will see how badly the dichlor will affect things, and how small a pH gain the Baking Soda for TA will raise pH.

    In brief, Baking Soda for TA. Retest pH and raise with Borax or soda ash. Then if you still want more CYA via dichlor, you can add it. In the meantime, use bleach to chlorinate.

    That CYA level's not too bad, and leaves you some breathing room to use trichlor pucks if you leave town for a few days some time this summer.
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