So I have an Intex 18' quickset pool with a leaking top air ring. I feel like the majority of the leak was at the valve. After messing with that I slowed the leak down, but it still isn't quite holding air like I want it to. I've compensated for hot/cold air changes and feel like it's leaking somewhere. I tried the stethescope, soapy water, etc methods to no avail. I can NOT find a leak other than what I already mentioned.

I found some Rust-Oleum "Leak Seal" flexible rubber coating in a can yesterday at Menards.

Has anyone ever tried coating their ring with this stuff? I'm thinking I'll just spray the entire ring all the way around - will this fill the "microholes" that everyone talks about? I feel like it would work, given what the can says, I just don't want to totally kill my pool.

Any thoughts?