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Thread: Read info, not sure on new pool water balance. SWG

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    Read info, not sure on new pool water balance. SWG

    This weeked I have helpers coming over to help me level the ground, lay down some foam underneath and a tarp on top of that. Then set up the pool and start filling her up. I ordered the Intex 2650 GPH Sand filter and salt water system online and will be here Monday. I then plan to install that maybe with hard pvc pipe maybe not depending on mood. So my question is when I get going on filling her up what chemicals will I need. Its my understanding, and I could be wrong, but that on SWG you need the salt and a stabilizer. The rest is taken care of? However, I am not sure on what a stabilizer is called, is it just called stabilizer? Does walmart have it?

    Anyway I read the posts about SWG and see that they only talk about CYA (stabilizer) and the ppm for the salt. I just want to be sure im gtg on this and dont miss something simple that jacks the pool.

    Lastly, what tests strips should I use and can I get a link for em?

    Thanks again, oh I live in Abilene Texas so ya know the climate. Thanks again!
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    Re: Read info, not sure on new pool water balance. SWG

    As described in Recommended Pool Chemicals in the Pool School, Cyanuric Acid (CYA) is known as stabilizer, conditioner, Instant Pool Water Conditioner, Stabilizer 100, Stabilizer & Conditioner, etc. You can get it at a pool store and some big box stores that sell pool chemicals, including Walmart.

    We do not recommend test strips. They are generally not accurate nor precise enough. We recommend either the TFTestkits TF-100 or the Taylor K-2006 test kits which you can compare by looking at the Pool School article Test Kits Compared.
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    Re: Read info, not sure on new pool water balance. SWG

    Well you have the basics sort of like a car needing gasoline and oil, however there is a little more to it, much like cars needing transmission fluid, brake fluid, etc.

    You also will need to balance pH, and to a lesser extent manage TA, and CH, plus possibly deal with metals in your fill water depending on its source.

    You can find most of what you need to know about managing your pool, what chemicals you need and what they do in the pool school link in the upper right of this page.

    You also need to know what is going on in your pool and in your fill water which means getting a good quality test kit. For the most part around here we don't like test strips for water testing, they are ok to use for salt level sanity checking, but that is about it. Instead of strips, drop based test kits provide much more accurate water testing, there are only 2 test kits that we endorse around here as having the ability to test everything you need to test to the precision necessary (that is with the exclusion of metals, since the tests for metals is somewhat expensive and you either have them or you don't so there is little need for repeat testing), those are the Taylor K-2006 and the TFTestKits TF-100, the both include mostly the same basic tests, however the TF-100 gives you more of the reagents you use the most, rather than equal size bottles for all. The owner of TFTestKits is also the owner of this site, so by supporting them you help keep this place around.

    Now that I have said all that if there are any specific topics we can help with ask away.


    ps you should probably start off also adding some bleach (pool school and poolcalculator will give you an idea of how much), SWG's are great at maintaining FC levels, but are not that good at building them up, so it is often best to adjust FC levels with bleach and let the SWG maintain or fine tune them.
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    Re: Read info, not sure on new pool water balance. SWG

    Okay, I have read those articles you mentioned but wasnt sure if those are blanket statementss or if having a SWG changes what you need. THanks for the info
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    Re: Read info, not sure on new pool water balance. SWG

    You're just making bleach locally instead of hauling it in. It's still, technically, a Chlorinated pool.
    Get it all balanced and stable before adding salt. Check out the highlighted post here, if you have kids.
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    Re: Read info, not sure on new pool water balance. SWG

    One last question. on the salinity tester I found some online that are like a thermometer and you can use them until it breaks. They are about $22 and seems more economical. Any negatives? ... ity+tester or if you know of one that is trusted that would be great. I like the idea of a permanent tester and not having to buy the strips. thanks
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    Re: Read info, not sure on new pool water balance. SWG

    Those testers tend to drift quite a bit, so they are essentially useless unless you calibrate them frequently. They also tend to break after not too long. There are some more expensive ones that don't break, but they still drift out of calibration.
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