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Thread: Pool opening stains

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    Pool opening stains

    Hello all,

    We bought a new house with a pool and have just started our first season with it. We had the pool company open it but we've been maintaining it since, for the past week and a half.

    I've brushed and vacuumed many times but can get rid of multiple (probably a dozen) streaks and stains. I've even dived down with a hand brush and tried to scrape and brush them off.

    Any tips to get the liner completely clean or do I just have to wait? Thanks in advance for any help.

    Here are our stats:

    72000 litres (16x32)
    Sand Filter

    From most recent water sample:

    Free chlorine 1.27
    Ph 7.8
    Hardness 125
    Alk 110
    Salt 3600
    In ground, 19K gallons, hayward sand filter, Zodiac DuoClear SWG, Vinyl liner, South of Toronto, Solar Blanket only

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    Re: Pool opening stains

    Welcome to the forum

    You need to find if the stains are organic or metal.

    Rub a trichlor tablet/puck on the stain. If it lightens, the stain is organic and raising the FC level will fade it over time.

    Or, rub a cheap vitamin C tablet on the stain. If it lightens, the stain is metals. The process could be just crushing vitamin C in a sock and holding it on the stain for a minute or possibly doing a complete AA treatment.
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    Re: Pool opening stains

    Make sure chemicals are balanced correctly also! I purchased my house recently and it looked like brown streaks on the wall when I opened, and for the majority of the first year I rented here due to lack of knowledge. Once I got everything in order the stains went away!
    Good luck!
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