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Thread: New liner professionally installed has wrinkles :(

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    New liner professionally installed has wrinkles :(

    I am trying not to scream, too late...We had a semi-inground pool 15x30 installed last June looked good at first glance, when we went to vacuum for the first time liner got sucked into vacuum. Pool co. was suppose to come out before we closed it, said there was a void in the ground, and they would fix it. A year later, now in litigation over them not coming back or fixing problem. Another pool installer came to correct the problem, had to fix a support and found out pool not truly squared to 15x30, more like 15x29.9. New liner was installed anyway, now there is sand lumps and excess liner in areas around the pool. Called them back to come and correct, said they will come back and fix, and will order a custom liner, and now because they feel there is a drainage issue, causing wrinkles in liner, possible high water table, they want us to get drains installed and will be putting a vermiculite base under pool when they re-install. Please anyone who has knowledge with this problem, please give me some thoughts on why this is turning into such a nightmare! I am beside myself as to if this 3rd go around will work, and I am losing faith in anyone's ability to correctly rectify this!

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    Re: New liner professionally installed has wrinkles :(

    Welcome to TFP.

    I feel for you that this has happened, but in order to even have a chance of answering your questions we need to know a lot more about the location, site, build, etc.

    It does sound like the second company knows what's going on. The things they have suggested are common recommendations for the problems you describe.
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    Re: New liner professionally installed has wrinkles :(

    Thanks for your reply. We live in Central NJ, the pool is on the higher part of our property close to our house, before a slight slope in our yard. It is a Esther Williams 15x30 semi-inground sunk 3 ft. It is difficult to say if there is a true drainage problem, due to the fact that we had a great deal of rain while the pool was without the new liner in place and water did accumulate in the pool's open area without the liner. Obviously, when the installers got there, there was water because of the rain the night before. Today, with the new liner in place and the pool filled completely, you can visibly see the areas throughout the pool where the liner has large bumps from the sand and where the excess liner is wrinkled from the liner being slightly larger. The new installer is unable to correct what the previous installer did, not properly squaring the pool to a true 15x30, because they discontinued our model of pool and the screw holes will not line up. I am putting what little trust I have left, in this company because we just want the problem corrected and to finally be able to enjoy the pool. I am glad to hear their recommendation, is what would be recommended to correct this problem. We have never had water issues in our yard in this area, but perhaps with the pool sunk under, it created one. I am hoping the vermiculite will provide a wrinkle free liner at last! They will not be able to come back to correct the problem for another 2 weeks, as they had to custom order a liner for our now 15x29.9. So extremely frustrating!

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