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Thread: Replacement Cell Chord

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    Replacement Cell Chord

    Hey All,

    I have a Aquacal Dig-220 SWG and today noticed that the cell chord has disintegrated a little at the cell connection point thus its time to replace the chord.

    The chord replacement is around $60 which unless I'm missing something seems silly for what amount's to 2 wires and 4 connectors all of which are obtainable from Radioshack. Yes, it appears the wire is well insulated and the connector at the cell end is a huge rubber plug (with 3 connectors instead of 2 which my cell has) but still seems like its just 2 wires.

    What's the view on DIY for this cable? Obviously I would use good and well insulated cable and good quality connectors but the entire project would still be substantially lower than the $60 for a replacement.

    Am I missing something? Is there some other parts inside that big rubber end?


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    Re: Replacement Cell Chord


    I posted yesterday about the possibility of building a diy swcg and agree that the prices are crazy.

    I´m not familiar with the make you mention but your idea sounds fine to replace the wires as long as you can seal everything up afterwards.

    I guess the transformer reduces the power to 12 volts, and if so I can´t see there´s much of a risk if you´ve got reasonable diy skills

    Good luck

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