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Thread: Installing Electric to the Island

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    Installing Electric to the Island

    I will be having a guy come to run the line from the breaker to the box (a whopping 6 feet from the basement box, through the wall to the island). But I assume I will be installing and wiring the outlets myself. 3 questions:

    1. Do I need to run the line through some conduit inside the island? I have seen the other builds that do this. Is it required, or just a really good idea? What type of line am I looking at getting?
    2. Since it's outside, it needs to have a GFI outlet. Is that the first outlet in the string or the last? I think it's the first, and then I just run them all in a series, pigtailing each as I go. I have never done anything electrical, unless you count dimmer switches and ceiling fans.
    3. I know each state differs on code, but how many outlets (2 receptacles per outlet) can I generally safely put on a either 15 AM or 20 AMP fuse. No refrigerators will be in this island, if that helps.

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    Re: Installing Electric to the Island

    1) I do not think there is requirement for conduit, just personal preference. In my ODK I just ran outdoor rated cable through the island studs without conduit.
    2) I am no electrician, but I believe what you outlined will work. What I did, however, was install GFI breakers that are serving my ODK.
    3) I will let others answer more definatively, but again I think I have two outlets on one circuits (one has my kegerator plugged into it) and three outlets (one has my refrigerator) and my outdoor lighting on another circuit. It really just depends on what you are planning to plug into it.

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    Re: Installing Electric to the Island

    It looks that since the island is just outlets (a couple light strings, blender, rotisserie, radio, etc), and everything is in such close proximity, that I can use a GFCI breaker in the box instead, and then just run normal receptacles, with weather covers of course. When I bring in the electrician, I want to know what I need so he doesn't run roughshod over me and charging me for more than I need.

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    Re: Installing Electric to the Island

    If he is a licensed electrician why not ask him what the code is and the supplies you will need for him.
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    Re: Installing Electric to the Island

    Yeah, it might be due to the fact that I am a control freak and I don't trust anybody. I want to know that what he is telling me is what I need to have done, and not what he needs to charge me to do. Having a license doesn't make you honest, necessarily.

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    Re: Installing Electric to the Island

    You want UF type wire. Doesn't need to be in conduit unless it's exposed and you're protecting/covering it. I used UF type wire, WR type outlets and weatherproof covers for the 2 outlets on my backsplash. I used a 'bubble cover' for my fridge (can't see that one in the pic.) See the attached picture.

    Forgot to add: You need all the outlets protected by GFCI (either at the breaker panel or the first outlet in the string)
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