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Thread: Newbie here trying to understand my levels

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    Newbie here trying to understand my levels

    So pool has been open a week (see signature). I originally started with Bleach but (in the intro section) was told to switch to dichlor till I got my CYA levels up.

    Most of the week my Ph levels has been 7.6 but as I started using the dichlor slowly dropped.
    yesterday afternoon my readings were (using an HTC 6 way tester)

    cl: .5
    ph: 7.0 or a little lower.

    the pool calculator told me to add 1oz of dichlor (a little over 2tbsp)
    and about 2.7oz of borax (about 5.5tbsp)

    Added that and about an hr later I added a little algaecide.

    Today my daughter wanted to get in but it was kinda rainy and about 76 but I took a reading about 11:30am

    The Cl: was higher then the 5 (I am getting confused because my tester max out at 5 but the pool calculator says 6) Basically it was a darker yellow then even the 5
    The PH: was a color that was basically magenta. WAY darker then any PH so I am guessing it is pretty high...above the 8.2 (which is the highest the tester goes)
    CYA: still wasn't must be under a 30.

    I used reg. bleach for the first few days until my dichlor got here on wed. (had to order it). Normally ...when I go to get in the pool my Ph has been about 7.4 and I would need to add a little dichlor to bring the Cl above a 2. It normally would read a 1 or .5 today was the first day we left the cover on because of the coming rain. Normally it is in full sun (was cloudy today) from 9:30-7pm.

    Basically why is my Ph SO high and since I shouldn't add any more dichlor (which would lower it) should I try to lower it another way? Also....why does the pool calculator suggest a 6 for me but my tester is only as high as 5 for the Cl. I think I am reading it wrong or not understanding it very well. If you read the instructions with it it tells you you shouldn't have Cl over a 4.

    Anyone be able to shed some light on this for me?
    Thanks. I have read the pool chemistry etc... but I still get a little confused! Thanks
    Thanks Tanya
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    Re: Newbie here trying to understand my levels

    A high FC, usually over 10, can make your pH reading falsely elevated. Because of your test kit that you are using, you don't really know what you FC level is since the highest that it will read is 5. Things would be much easier for you if you purchased one of the test kits that we recommend here at TFP. I would encourage you to see the following link regarding these kits and strongly suggest that you purchase one.


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    Re: Newbie here trying to understand my levels

    A FAS-DPD test kit will have absolutely no problem reading levels higher than 5. Unfortunately, you don;t have one.

    My guess is that you made a mistake testing the first time. Did the water have enough runtime to mix well? Did you get the sample from deep enough? The UV that destroys FC is stronger at the surface of the pool.

    Or possibly the algaecide reacts with something. What, exactly, does the label say is in it?
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