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Thread: Newbie - Leaking Pool

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    Newbie - Leaking Pool


    We are first time pool owners who are trying to evaluate what we have gotten ourselves into. We had a pool specialist come out and look at our 30 year old Sylvan pool and based on where the water was sitting when we first uncovered our pool determined we may have a leak in our light. He also recommended draining our 22000 gallon I/G pool because our DE Filter was too small for the size of the pool. So we drained the pool he came back out and patched the conduit and sealed the light, power washed and cleaned the pool as well as pressure tested. He said our lines were losing 1/2 lb and that was good? He told us to fill the pool. We filled the pool and over the course of a couple of days with no filter we lost about 4 inches to the middle of the skimmer. He came back out patched around the skimmer again and told us to fill back up. We are on a well so we can not fill very much at a time. We slept on it and lost another inch to 2 inches. We have lost a total of 8-10 inches since filling the pool. I shut the valve to the skimmers to filter from the bottom of the pool and noticed constant bubbles in one of my returns. Does this mean my leak is most likely in my return plumbing or my filter?

    Any guidance or hep is greatly appreciated!
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    Re: Newbie - Leaking Pool

    Welcome to tfp, ksnow19

    I think the bubbles out of the return are a different issue and are not related to your leak. Most likely the bubbles came when you reduced you closed the valve you started sucking air into the system on the suction side. Most common causes are too low water level (causing air to be sucked in at the skimmer), a stuck skimmer weir door, leaking/bad pump basket gasket, leaking pump drain plugs, and/or leaking suction side valves.

    Here is the pool school article on leaks and finding them: On thought is you may want to let the level of the pool go down until it stops (assuming it does not go too low, you do not want to risk floating your pool if you have a high water table). If it stops at the light, then the leak is there...etc.
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