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Thread: Chemically Challenged-New Pool Owner

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    Chemically Challenged-New Pool Owner

    Hi everyone. Just put in a new semi inground pool two weeks ago. Having problems balancing the water. Pool feels great, kids have no complaints except that it is somewhat cloudy underwater. Biggest problem is it looks green! Not algae green, more like caribbean waters green? does that make sense? I think the liner choice has a lot to do with the color and also the large evergreen trees that are the backdrop. Pool doesn't feel slimy in the least. Anyway, we took the water in to a reputable pool store for more accurate readings and of course they sold my husband 50$ worth of chemicals. Can you give a look at the numbers and let me know what you guys think I should add. Pool school confused the heck out of me! I flunked chem, like twice! Also, i like the idea of the BBB method and would like to go that route if possible. Right now we have an inline chlorinator with tabs and we shocked the heck out of it when we filled it!

    Shock Treatment 1.8
    Total Alkalinity 30
    ph 6.8
    Cyanuric Acid 0
    Total Hardness 130
    Total Chlorine 6.2
    Free Chlorine 4.4

    Would have attached pics but it is pouring out! Next time.

    Thanks for all your help.
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    Re: Chemically Challenged-New Pool Owner


    What is Shock Treatment? You need about 50ppm of Cyanuric Acid in your water to protect your chlorine. Use to figure the dosage (make sure you enter in how many gallons your pool holds in the corner). That website will be your new best friend for dosing. Read Pool School again, you'll get more out of it every time you go over it. If you are serious about running your own pool and not being dragged around by a pool store, you MUST get a good test kit. TF-100 or K-2006 from

    You have 2ppm of chloromines, which calls for shocking. Here is how pool-school/shocking_your_pool

    Your pH is also low, and can be raised to 7.2 before shocking using Borax (20 Mule Team from a grocery store). You again use the Pool Calculator to Dose. Type 6.8 in for current and 7.2 in for target and it'll spit out the numbers.
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    Re: Chemically Challenged-New Pool Owner

    Quote Originally Posted by Vette

    What is Shock Treatment? .
    I believe that is the rating Pool Stores give customers as they gauge their facial reactions as they reach for their wallets in paying for the chemicals. Anything under 3 (out of 5) they know the customer will more than likely be back but if it's over 3 then they know the customer will have had enough and search out a way to take care of their pool on their own. I know because I was hovering around 4.5 for my last two visits before I found this site!
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    Re: Chemically Challenged-New Pool Owner

    I believe that is the rating Pool Stores give customers..........
    Dave S.
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