So does anyone have any suggestions on a vacuum for a AG intex easy set 8x36" pool? I have a pathetic one that attaches to the hose but it picks up NOTHING. The big stuff is easy to get out with a skimmer but we get tiny sand like particles in. I am planning on upgrading to a larger pool next year so I don't want to buy another vacuum next yr. I would like one that is under $100. I've seen a few here and there but they have such mixed reviews I'm not sure what to purchase.
This is one I have looked at ... B0015UCRXM

And this one ... ol+blaster

It doesn't have to be one of those two the are just ones I stumbled on. I really really hate debris I can feel so I am scrubbing and skimmer all the time. I've vacuumed 3x already (in a week) and it got nothing up. would be appreciated for this newbie!