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Thread: We just bought an Intex 22'x52" ultra frame...

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    We just bought an Intex 22'x52" ultra frame...

    What is most important to get level - the metal frame or the liner bottom? We just bought an Intex 22'x52" ultra frame. The frame top is level within 1" side to side but as we started to fill the liner bottom is more like 2-3". We have a little over 2" of water on one side and just a barely any on the other. I worked to level the frame but didn't dig out as much under the liner and wonder if I should have now. Thoughts?

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    Re: We just bought an Intex 22'x52" ultra frame...

    Welcome to tfp, Bmrudolph

    Frame first, but the bottom is a close second since having that uneven will put uneven stress on the supports.

    If you are low on one side of the liner, did you build up that side under the legs?
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    Re: We just bought an Intex 22'x52" ultra frame...

    No I didn't add anything under the legs. I checked and a couple of the legs were not assembled properly. I had help from the kids.

    I've decided not to fill this week and next weekend tear down and add more fill. Thanks

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    Re: We just bought an Intex 22'x52" ultra frame...

    When we put up our Intex, we dug out the high side instead of trying to build up the low side, but YMMV. Good luck! If your kids 'help' like mine do, you're gonna need it.
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    Re: We just bought an Intex 22'x52" ultra frame...

    I decided to add rather than dig out to prevent washing during rains. I always go up to keep things from eroding, lots more work though to get it tamped and packed properly

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    Re: We just bought an Intex 22'x52" ultra frame...

    Just finished putting up a 22'x52". I opted to dig down. I kept reading all the horror stories and figured I really only wanted to do it once. Glad I did. Good luck, hope you get it up soon!
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    Re: We just bought an Intex 22'x52" ultra frame...

    I built up 3 times and each time, it eventually washed away. Finally, the fourth time, I dug down and that pool, although still a little uneven, is still standing. Also, I found that the more times you put up/take down an Intex pool you run the risk of tiny little pinhole leaks in the bottom that are not a problem UNTIL you take it down and move it to fix the ground. I would suggest, since you are in the initial install, that you dig down to help ensure that you do not have to revisit the situation in the future. There are more successes with digging down than building up. Good luck.
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