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Thread: Operate new Pentair Intelliflo VS pump w/ Jandy Aqualink RS?

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    Operate new Pentair Intelliflo VS pump w/ Jandy Aqualink RS?

    Hi...I'm new to this forum.

    I have an existing, 10 year old, in-ground pool with single speed pumps operated by a Jandy Aqualink RS. Just replaced the filter pump with a Pentair Intelliflo VS pump (model 11018).

    My regular pool service guy recommended also installing an Intellicomm II Adapter to let the Jandy controller talk to the new pump. So far the Jandy controller just turns the new VS pump on and off at the programmed times but the pump runs at top speed (3450 RPM) the entire time. It is also pretty clear to me that my pool guy doesn't really know what to do about it.

    I'm looking for some guidance on the most straightforward way to set up the new pump to run at 1500 RPM for 10-12 hours a day with a with a short cleaning cycle at approx. 3100-3300 RPM so the pool sweep can do it's thing. The new pump does have a "Quick Clean" function. I assume that the older Jandy controller will not be able to provide all needed commands but I don't really know. With that in mind I'm further assuming (or hoping) that the functions i want will have to be programmed at the pump and the Jandy controller will simply act as an on/off timer.

    Any guidance or advice is appreciated...Dave Z.

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    Re: Operate new Pentair Intelliflo VS pump w/ Jandy Aqualink RS?

    Just saw your post because I'm looking for specifics on integrating a 2007 Aqualink Version N with an Intelliflo VS. I researched using the Pentair Intellicom 2 but concluded that it couldn't do what I needed it to do without making some operational sacrifices. In the end, and based on other info found on the web, I decided to upgrade the Aqualink to version R with an iAqulink module. It will be a network-based system that I can control with any PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone. I won't be able to use my All Button panel for many functions...but who cares? The cost was minimal for me because Aqualink Version N forward requires only a firmware (chip) upgrade that Jandy basically gives away. Yours being an older system will require a board upgrade, which is a bit more expensive.

    I have done enough research on Pentair Intelliflo VS/Jandy Aqualink RS compatibility to be confident that it will work seamlessly. I do have a few remaining questions on specific details, such as; Do you wire the pump hot like Pentair recommends or through the relay like Jandy recommends.

    Mind you none of this is installed yet (have the pump...waiting on FlowVis flowmeter and Jandy stuff) but I will keep this thread updated for the benefit of yourself and others.

    So stay tuned. I should have all of it complete the weekend after Easter (May 4,2014)

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    Re: Operate new Pentair Intelliflo VS pump w/ Jandy Aqualink RS?

    There are several different ways this can be setup. You can not mix elements from these three approaches, you have to pick one.

    Newer Jandy automation systems should be able to control the IntelliFlo through a data cable, with the pump wired directly to the circuit breaker and not through a relay.

    It is also possible to use simple on/off control through a relay. Using this approach the pump can only run at a single speed, though you can choose what speed that is by setting the speed on the pump control panel.

    It is also possible to use the IntelliComm II to interface an IntelliFlo to an automation system. In this setup the pump is wired directly to the circuit breaker, the IntelliComm II connected to the pump with a data cable, and the relays (one for each speed) on the automation system connected to the IntelliComm II.
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    Re: Operate new Pentair Intelliflo VS pump w/ Jandy Aqualink RS?

    I just finished; pump wouldn't talk until I changed the address (on the pump keypad) from 1 to 2 then from 2 back to 1 (I have a revision R CPU). Pump wired direct to power; I installed an iQ 900 RS (w/o CPU as the R revision is good enough) and can now control everything from wherever; nice!

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