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Thread: Understanding how to vacuum pool.

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    Understanding how to vacuum pool.

    First I'm a rookie at this as you can probably tell by my question. Just recently had installed a 16x32 inground pool. Now I backfilled with a sand mixture to make sure the area compacts well now because of a few windy days the bottom of the pool is filled with sand. Now I have a Hayward DE ec65. Now when I vacuum I can only do a small amount because the filter pressure gets up and the filter fills with sand. I bump it and I'm able to do a bit more but soon after I need to dissemble clean and add DE. I'm wondering why cant I turn the main drain a 3/4 way close, then vacuum as I do through the skimmer but open the back wash valve on the filter and rather all the sand sit in the filter it will go out the backwash hose. Might allow me to vacuum longer. Now I know I will loose pool water but will that damage the filter? Also do I lose pressure at the skimmer with that open? The sand is amazing because is becomes almost like cement in the hoses. I have successfully cleaned out the filter and added the correct DE each time i vacuumed and I'm very comfortable with that. Just trying to figure out an easier way to do this.

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    Re: Understanding how to vacuum pool.

    No, you can't.

    On backwash the grids get water running through them in reverse. So vacuuming in reverse will fill them with sand. When you return to filter, all the sand you just vacuumed up will get blown right back into the pool. The stuff that hasn't permanently clogged your filter, that is. It needs the layer of DE to keep the grids from getting impregnated with grit.

    That said....if you have a multiport valve, with filter-rinse-backwash-waste etc, you can vacuum to waste, which will just use the pump to suck the water up and spit it out the waste port, completely bypassing the filter. Not all setups have that kind of valve.
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    Re: Understanding how to vacuum pool.

    thank you for your response. Mine was not set up with a multi valve. Is there another way I could replicate that? What if I took the filter off its stand disconnecting it from the pump. Then run an extension from the pump where I want all the sand and dirt to go?

    I'm sorry if this sound crazy again I'm just looking at this thing and saying hey what If I try this..

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