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Thread: Intex ultra frame...using sand underneath (not to level tho!

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    Intex ultra frame...using sand underneath (not to level tho!

    We are currently under yard construction to level our backyard for our Intex 26 x 52 pool. We are having to dig some spots and fill others to make our yard level. We are NOT using sand to level. We have plenty of good old fill dirt for that. My questions are

    1. I would like a thin layer of sand on top once we get level. Actually for looks to cover up your basic "dirt" look. Is there any reason that would affect the pool (since intex says no sand)?

    2. This is probably a stupid question but if we use the thin layer of sand should that be under the tarp first? Or on top? Any suggestions on covering that blue tarp would be nice.

    3. And lastly, we are going to use patio pavers/blocks under each leg of the pool frame, leveling each as we go. Probably a very long and tedious process but that is ok. Is that actually a good option for under each leg? And if so, then the tarp would be on top of them correct? ( As question 2 asks how would I then cover that blue tarp?)

    I know I may be asking crazy questions but please bear with me over the next few weeks while we are working on this!
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    Re: Intex ultra frame...using sand underneath (not to level

    1- If I had to do it again, I wouldn't use any sand. It WILL shift and settle. MAYBE once it was up, just around the edges, for aesthetics.

    2- Sand on top of the edges of the tarp will collect moisture and grow all kinds of nastiness. I finally cut off the excess tarp & pink foam a few days ago. It really helped dry out the yard that seemed to be constant mud. I'm sure that also contributed to a few of my pool legs starting to sink more than the rest.

    3- Long and tedious, maybe. Worth it- yes. Level the top surface of the block with the ground so as not to stretch the liner. I bought the blocks and had every intention of using them, but I must have seen a shiny object and been distracted while setting up the pool. I ended up using a floor jack and a 4x4 to get one of the legs shored up after it sank- where the sand washed out. Level, then cut the blocks into the ground.
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    Re: Intex ultra frame...using sand underneath (not to level

    I wouldn't fill in any low spots with dirt or sand. The whole area should be dug down and leveled to the lowest point and then tamped down with compactor or a hand tamper. With all the sod removed, you may not need the tarp if you're really that opposed to it. After putting in the pavers, you could put a Gorilla Pad (or something similar) on top of the leveled and tamped dirt if you wish to help protect the liner. Then after putting up the pool, you could fill in the exposed areas with colored mulch to give the area around your pool a more landscaped look. Don't back fill with dirt though, because soft sided pools are not built for that.
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