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Thread: Keeping out those darn bugs and pine needles

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    Keeping out those darn bugs and pine needles

    I come to the forum trying to improve the service we provide to our customers. Throughout the years via customers and our research we have been researching how to better keep bugs, pine needles, leaves you name it out of the swimming pool while it is being prepped and coated. So far we have..
    1> a Tent pro: keeps everything to a considerable degree Con: Increases percipitation which affects the coating so unacceptable in most areas except for certain areas AZ, TX, NM etc. depending on weather of course.

    2> Netting the Trees to reduce pine needles, leaves , nuts , etc. Pros: Works Cons Only to such a degree and is time consuming not to mention one bad wind equals bad.

    3> Fencing off the perimeter with garden boundaries to keep the bugs out followed with some DE sprinkled around or Sevin Dust, that or chlroine or bug spray. Pros: It works Cons: Ultimately this cannot be healthy for the enivroment.

    4> Tarping off with 2 posts large areas around swimming pool. Pros: Does the trick blocking off incoming wind and decreasing particles. Cons: Time consuming and still have moisture issues.

    5> Surrounding areas with treated mulch for bugs.Pros: Works great against bugs Cons: Set up, clean up and mulch just seems to draw moisture.

    You guys and gals always have great suggestions like Vitamin C tablets to help clean stains and the BBB so hoping you all had an idea it would really help out not just my customers but anyone applying a coating ( hopefully never rubberized paint because that stuff should be outlawed!)
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    Re: Keeping out those darn bugs and pine needles

    I saw a post awhile back where the contractors created a tent over the pool that looked much like a green house. The manner they constructed was pretty neat. The pounded in lengths of rebar at an angle on one side of the pool, then they stuck a length of PVC pipe onto the rebar. Then they went to the other side of pool, pounded in more rebar, and then bent the PVC pipe down and slide it over the rebar. This created the structure (an arch like a greenhouse) to which they attached clear plastic.

    If you are doing this on a consistent basis, like every job, this idea could give you the structure to which you attach a huge net.

    This site has Mosquito netting on a roll that is 13' wide. You'd have to find someone that can sew it together.....
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