Hi! How are You? Me fair. It is for the pool of my Parents, Dad asked me to do the research for Him, because He is in the 70s and me in the mid 40s, We are looking and searching for some parts of Their pool, it is an Aqua Leader 24 Feet above ground pool with 11'11" radius and now the pool is stating to get out of the tracks and to open up, so very dangerous to loose lives, so They or We have to replace some parts and put some new sand at the bottom, a very big job, so what my Parents needs 5 Joining Plates resin and the parts number is: 1040033F00. Is there anybody out there that can help Us, please, because my Dad went to the only Pool Service Store here in town and the Pool Service Store told Them They can not get those parts, because the Aqua Company said there is not enough demand to make those parts. Is there any Pool Service Store owners on this forum that has those parts? Because without them(the plates) We are stuck or We will have to condemn the pool forever.
Thank You for Your Attention and reading this post.
Take care and have a nice day!
P.S. They do not have enough money to buy another swimming pool, They are retired. And me too, I am just squeaking by every month.