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Thread: help!

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    We just bought a intex 14'x48 pool and after filling it up almost all the way we noticed the ground was unlevel , not to bad but the water is to the max line on one side and about 6-8 inches difference on the other side.... It seems ti be bulging a little on one side and touching 3-4 of the legs ... The legs Arent sinking into to the ground or anything we just need to make sure it wont buckle and fall once the kids get in and start playing ?

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    Re: help!

    You need to take the pool down and redo it from the ground up! 1" is too much out of level. You have 6" !!! You need to dig down n not build up! You are seriously running the risk of catastrophic failure and personal injury to anyone who uses that pool or is around it, not to mention any property damage that will ensue.
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    Re: help!

    Welcome to the forum. About 1/2" to 1" out of level is what we think of as the maximum.

    If you are 6-8", I am pretty sure your pool will come over and collapse....just a matter of time.

    Drain, level it correctly, and refill.
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    Re: help!

    Ok i took pictures so u can see wat im talking about and the water difference .... Its only about 2 inches my husxband said and the bulge isnt that bad im trying to post pics but its saying its invalid .

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    Re: help!

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    Re: help!

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    Re: help!

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    Re: help!

    This picture shows the water difference its not that bad at

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    Re: help!

    I'm no expert, but I would not put my children in that till it was redone.

    Use step stones (recessed to be level with your newly leveled circle) under the feet and as it starts to fill, go around the pool helping the feet to skitter outward so they stay truly vertical.

    Then once the pool is safe, allow the kids in. They are too precious to run the risk of that pool collapsing with them in it.

    Summer is just getting started, with the pool truly level it's going to be a wonderful summer for you and your kids!
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