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Thread: Newbie help: Intex setup pool for first time.

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    Newbie help: Intex setup pool for first time.

    Hi I am very new to this system and still confused of setting up the pool properly. So need help please thanks.

    I am getting the inflatable 1,485 gallon intex pool with the intex saltwater system and pump.

    The charts does not have 1485 gallon so not sure of the exact amount of salt to put in? So is there a guide or a chart some where of how much salt I need for this pool? How do you calculate it also? I read else where that 40lb per 1000 gallon? So do I just put 40lb in then? I also read about shocking and not sure if I need to do that when I feel up the pool for the first time?

    Is there a step by step guide I can read some where to show you how to setup up your saltwater pool correctly?

    Thanks for helping!

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    Re: Newbie help: Intex setup pool for first time.


    Welcome to TFP

    The salt levels used vary somewhat between models, but usually they are around 3,000 ppm.

    This article should help you get started: Salt Water Chlorine Generators
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    Re: Newbie help: Intex setup pool for first time.


    Thanks for the article though I still like to know how much salt I need to put in for my specific intex pool? The intex table does not list it.

    The lowest is 2587 gals and startup is 65lbs. So how about mine? Perhaps I should contact Intex for that? However if anyone knows do let me know pls!

    Would you need to test the water for level of salt or can you just rely on the swg to tell you if its low or not?

    Do I need to add chlorine when setting up the new pool or just wait for the swg to generate it?
    What type of chemical I need to add for this?

    When I first operate the pool how long should I run it for? On the table it says operating time at different ambinet hours - 1h and then filter pump 2h. I do not understand what is operating time?

    In the article it says:
    Adjust the SWG percentage setting...? Not sure what this is? And why you need too?

    Since my pool is plastic do I need to test for Calcium hardness? How many times a month?
    If it is a new pool like mine what do i put in to adjust it?

    Do I need to test for FC or will testing for chlorine be enough?

    For traditional Chlorine pools
    Do you need to do as much as this or more?

    So many testing to do! Can be very expensive all the strips for it all.

    Thanks for helping out! I am very confused about it all! Its all very confusing when there is no booklet or guide to go step by step with you.. The little link you gave has been helpful to start but still alot of questions, wish there was a book!

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