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Thread: Help with leveling on the cheap!

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    Help with leveling on the cheap!

    Hey everyone! This is my first post. I could really, really use some advice.

    First, some background:
    Last summer we had a 15 x 42 inflatable ring pool by summer escapes. Husband used 2x6 (I think) treated lumber to construct a 16.5' square frame. We used sand to level the ground-- as in, we put sand in the box and made sure it was level. One side of the box ended up with almost no sand and the other side ended up with sand about 2 - 3 inches deep. I didn't know about this site back then. Anyway, We set up the pool and had zero problems.

    Fast-forward to this year:
    Our 16 x 48 intex ultra frame pool just arrived last week. Here are our plans:
    Plan A: Level the ground in our box again. It's mostly ok. but we'll probably need to add some sand, get it wet, and compact it. We have some kind of construction grade leveling thing (there's a tripod involved, I have no idea what it is) that we borrowed to get the sand level. Husband swears he knows how to use it. I'm not worried. Anyway, then we plan to set up the pool, lay down the tarp that came with the pool as well as another heavier tarp, put some size (you help with this part!!!!!!!!!) pavers under the legs, fill that baby up and away we go!!!!

    or, if the frame isn't big enough,
    Plan B: Go get longer boards and build a new frame. Get more sand. Complete other steps outlined above.

    The biggest constraints we are facing:

    We have only $100 left in our pool budget. (We have the saltwater system, all the salt we'll need, a brand new awesome ladder, all kinds of accessories, etc.-- we thought we were done pool supply shopping when it occurred to husband that this pool has legs and that they could sink into the ground!!!)

    $100 isn't enough to do the fancy foam and pavers method.

    We really really really do not want to have to make the pavers flush with the sand. I am aware that this would be better. Husband is a perfectionist and I just really want to swim before August. If we start with a level area, can we put the pavers on top of it? Do thin enough pavers exist that will still be effective?

    So let me reiterate, because I can't tell if I'm being clear. This is what I want to do:
    Start with leveled ground (which is enclosed by a wooden frame)
    Lay down two tarps.
    Set up the pool.
    Put legs on pavers.
    Fill and enjoy!

    Is this going to work? At least for a season? If yes, what size pavers can/should I get?

    Thanks so much!!!

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    Re: Help with leveling on the cheap!

    Is there any way you can dig to level instead of level with sand? Everybody here is going to tell you not to level with sand but to dig your high areas to match the low.

    As far as an alternative to pavers, someone on here previously posted a setup where they used somewhat thin (1/4 inch thick) but sturdy wooden boards, maybe like 2"x6", and screwed the feet of the pole directly to those boards and it kept the legs from sinking. Would be kind of like putting big "feet" on the poles. I would only think this would be effective on solid ground, though and not sand as a base.

    Another week or two of setup will be worth a worry-free summer!

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    Re: Help with leveling on the cheap!

    I just bought 16 12"x12"x1" pavers at WalMart for my Sharkline for $17 n some odd change. They were $1.04 a piece. You need them even if you do the frame.

    Personally, and it doesn't cost much but back breaking work, level the ground! Do it right the first time without the shortcuts and you won't have to do it again. You can just leave the pool up all year.
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    Re: Help with leveling on the cheap!

    We rent our home. The landlord was cool with sand ON the ground but not digging into the ground. I know that doesn't make sense but it is what it is. I KNOW that leveling the ground the right way is a better idea. It isn't a matter of being too lazy to do it. Ha ha! We have two options: Pool on 2-3 inches of sand leveled ground or no pool. If pavers under the legs will not work, the pool is very sadly going back to the store. I would just like to hear from someone who has done it that it won't work.

    I really do appreciate the feedback, but honestly sometimes the BEST solution isn't actually an option.

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