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Thread: Newbie and completely lost

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    Newbie and completely lost

    I live in southern New Jersey. I was recently widowed and know zero about my inground pool because my husband took care of everything. I know the pool is 10 years old, it is a gunite pool, my husband switched to a salt system from chlorine approx two years ago (did it himself), had the polaris cleaner, waterfall and filter on a timer, I have a Taylor test kit (blue box),and that is the extent of my knowledge about the pool. He always opened and closed the pool himself, and did all the maintenance himself. I remember him scrubbing the cover and letting it dry before putting it away.

    I called a local pool company, explained the situation, and asked if they would come out and check the equipment and give me some info in addition to opening it this year, and I was assured that they would walk me through everything. Two guys showed up and were gone in literally 20 minutes, and they did not clean the cover off, put it away dirty and wet, didn't clean the pool at all, didn't tell me the light didn't work, and didn't bother to tell me that among the debri in the bottom of the pool were lots of tiles that had come off .. they just left. I came outside to give them a tip, and they were gone without ever even talking to me. That was last Thursday. I called the company and they have not returned my call. A friend told me that I have to get the pool cover out of the shed and clean it, and dry it, before putting it away again or it will be ruined - I can't even lift it to move it.

    I have no clue how to proceed in learning about my pool, the maintenance, and/or who to call or how I get the problems fixed now. Right now the water is clear and looks good, but I have not tested it because I don't know how. Sorry if I sound like an idiot - have a ton on my plate right now and just want to get a handle on where I should start. My husband loved the pool, and I would like to be able to take care of it like he did. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Newbie and completely lost

    Hi Calla,

    We are sorry for your loss.

    For your pool and your ability to take care of it, two things:

    1. Order one of the recommended test kits. I suggest the TF100. Link in my sig. You will also need to add a salt test to your order. Also suggest the Speed Stir. It makes testing a lot easier and especially the CH test.

    2. Go to Pool School, big white button top right of each age. Start reading and keep at it.

    When you get your test kit, post #'s and we'll go from there.

    Do you have another pool company you can call or a neighbor you can have come over and help you clean it out?

    You have come to the right place to learn how to take care of your pool. Post back any questions you may have.

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    Re: Newbie and completely lost

    Good for you for asking for help. Now look around your neighborhood. Find a couple of teenage boys that need to earn a few bucks. Ask them to get out the cover and clean it off for you and have them come back to put it up for you.

    -next get out your test kit (blue box) inside the lid is the directions. Take your time. Do one test at a time. Have a piece of paper and pen to write down the results. If you have a hard time doing a test ASK! Someone on here can/will help you

    -Once you get the test results post the numbers here.

    -Get a camera and take pics of your pool and equipment and post them here if you do not know what does what.

    Good luck! It can be done. One step at a time. After a few times you will have it down!

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