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Thread: new pool owner - can't completely clear up abandoned pool.

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    new pool owner - can't completely clear up abandoned pool.

    17300 gal oval (18x36x4) AG vinyl. Came with the house, unused and untended all last year.
    we dumped 10lbs of hth shock into it, cleaned, scooped, vacuumed and filtered for days until it looked like this.
    pool store water test results 5-20
    cya 0,tc 0,fc 0,ph 7.5, ta 80, hardness 254
    Bought LOTS of chemicals, followed directions, brushed, filtered, backwashed, vacuumed. Pulled the wedding cake stairs out (yuck!) and cleaned the debris we found there. A week later it looked clear, except for a couple patches of green. New test results:
    cya 19, tc 1.9, fc 1.9, ph 7.2, ta 102, hardness 259
    Pool store guy said it was balanced I just needed to vacuum the "dead" algae out and I could shock it for the week after I finished swimming for the day. Make sure I bleached the stairs well before replacing in pool. I've spent days brushing scrubbing and vacuuming, In spite of this I can't get the last few patches of green to go away. I used 4 lbs of hypochlorite to shock tuesday, still popped back up yesterday.
    Current test with my aquachek (until I can get a proper kit). TH 100 TC 8.5 FC 10 PH 7.5 TA 100 CYA 50. Here's how it looks:
    I know I need to shock again. Is there anything else I could be missing as far as cleaning goes? I don't want to go back to the Pool store since I discovered (while using the Pool Calculator) they figured my pool was over 3000 gal smaller than it actually is. So all my chemical dosages have been weak...
    Thanks in advance
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    Sellersburg IN
    newbie pool owner
    17300 gal oval vinyl AG, spectra 3 (model 1-2080-089) "high rate sand filter", Hayward 1.5hp power-flo LX pump.

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    Re: new pool owner - can't completely clear up abandoned poo

    Read the pool school link in the upper right, get a good test kit, and follow the instructions for clearing alagae, the pool store instructions you have received so far are great for them selling chemicals, but not so great for solving your problems. Shocking is a process not a one time massive dose, to do it right requires a high quality test kit and willingness to put in the time needed, at first you may need to test and dose with chlorine hourly, and keep this up until all the algae is dead (confirmed by an overnight chlorine loss test).
    Indoor 20x40 35,000 gallon vinyl pool with 1.5 HP 2 speed Jandy FloPro pump, Hayward EC75 Perflex DE filter, 11 4x12 Techno-Solis solar panels w/ Aquasolar controller, Aquabot Turbo T Robot Cleaner. Also LMI metering chlorine dispenser pump and HotSpring Jetsetter
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    Re: new pool owner - can't completely clear up abandoned poo

    We had an abandoned agp at our new house, we dumped it, shopvaced it, cleaned it with soft scrub, refilled it and it was good. We abandoned it at the end of the fall and it sat uncovered all winter, filled with leaves and a dead squirrel. We opened it this year by scooping out as many leaves as we could and then dumped liquid bleach 12.5% in. Dumped 2 gallons in and fc still read zero. It took 3 just to register fc and a fourth to get to 5fc. When we could see bottom, we vaccumed it with the pool vac from outside the pool.
    We have an undersized sand filter but have not added anything bit bleach and stabilizer to the pool. Be careful with those powdered shock, they add stabilizer to the water.

    Just bleach seems to be magic and cheap well, relatively cheap, I thin we use 15 -20gallons or so.

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