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Thread: Need help with green spa

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    Need help with green spa

    I've had my spa for almost two months now and never had a problem with water clarity. I use the three step bromine system and my bromine level is usually 2-6ppm. TA is kept around 80, CH 140 and Ph is usually about 7.6. Temp is 97F and my filter settings are one hour every 12.

    When I opened my spa this morning I was greeted by cloudy, slightly green water. All the levels are normal and it smells normal. Around 9:30AM I added the recommended amount of bromine granules that are actually about 83% diclor and 17% bromine. The bromine level shot well over 20 and I have been filtering all day. I also hosed off the filter but have yet to change it for a new one.

    The only thing that has happened out of the ordinary is that I spilled about 8 ounces of beer in the water when we had another couple in with us and we had bug repellent on before getting in. It's some kind of natural stuff that is mostly soybean oil with citronella oil and some others. (I hate it) Could this have caused the water melt down?

    So far (4:30PM) I notice no change in the water clarity and I'm wondering if I should just dump it and start over. It's the original water anyway.



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    Re: Need help with green spa

    it sound like you didn't add enough bromine granules when you got out after the 4 people and beer spill. it always takes a few days for the water to clear up after a problem. I wouldn't run the pumps non stop like you would a pool. add your bromine and run the pumps for 20-30 minutes, keep your bromine up around 20 until the spa clears witch should be in 2-4 days. you can clean your filters daily but i would just wait for the water to clear and then clean them. you could add a scum ball to soak up the oil.

    I run a 3 step bromine and keep bromine at 6-8 ppm. I add 1 tsp of bromine granules or 1 tsp of chlorine granules for each person for about every 20 minutes. witch = about 6 ppm bromine in my 400 gallon spa.

    I've had a spa for 11 years but i'm new to bromine. i just switch over to it about 6 months ago. I've never like bromine because i don't think it works as well as chlorine but it is a lot more care free. get your floater dialed in and add the right amount of bromine granules after each use and it's pretty care free.
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