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Thread: Vinyl Liner Pool: paint PVC pipe border? Clean it?

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    Vinyl Liner Pool: paint PVC pipe border? Clean it?

    Hi all, this is my first time posting here, hope I'm doing it right!

    I have a vinyl-lined inground pool. Our house was a foreclosure so we don't know tons about the pool, but we hired someone to help with maintenance last year when when we moved in and he said the pool liner was about two years old.

    Unfortunately, the house was rented and then went into foreclosure and during that time the pool was ignored. As a result, the PVC (I'm assuming it is PVC) that borders the pool is discolored (rusty and gray in some spots) and there's a lot of dirt in the crevices of the pool liner (where the PVC and liner meet up).

    I've had some luck with a magic eraser, but I want to clean it up better. Have any suggestions? I'm going to get out there with bleach tomorrow and try to clean out the crevices with a toothbrush. As for the staining on the PVC, I am wondering if painting would not be best.

    Bleach doesn't seem to do the trick. But I'm not sure how to go about such a project since I can't use spray paint or any paint that is toxic due to having to apply it so close to the pool water. Ideas? Thanks!

    Also anyone have luck cleaning the underside of a diving board?

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    Re: Vinyl Liner Pool: paint PVC pipe border? Clean it?

    Hello, I also have an inground pool with what sounds like a similar border. Mine is white and appears to be made from aluminum, I also use the Magic eraser as well as a hand brush for the dirt at the liner cap. I would think if you were careful masking off the deck and using a shield below, you could use a spray paint designed for aluminum or pvc. I have been giving this some thought because mine is looking a little tattered. I do not have a diving board but, we get nasty looking green gunk under the ladder, it is easy to remove by taking the ladder out and turning it upside down cleaning it with a garden hose.

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    Re: Vinyl Liner Pool: paint PVC pipe border? Clean it?

    We have aluminum coping around our inground vinyl lined pool. My husband took off the coping and painted it with Rustoleum. It turned out awesome. Do you have a pic of what you have? Might help in coming up with other ways to clean it.

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    Re: Vinyl Liner Pool: paint PVC pipe border? Clean it?

    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you all! Thanks for the replies. After some thought, yeah obviously the stuff is aluminum. I think I'll wait until this fall to paint. Is it difficult to remove the coping? Would that affect the liner (make it sag?). Clearly I'm new to all this!

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    Re: Vinyl Liner Pool: paint PVC pipe border? Clean it?

    Welcome to the forum

    It would be helpful if you could post some pics.

    You can use a free image hosting site, like Upload your pics there and then just copy/paste the img code inside your post here.
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